Trump's 1st achievement - blocking PLO state‏

Dr. Joseph Frager,

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לבן ריק
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Dr. Joseph Frager
The writer is a leading American pro-Israel activist who sponsors and coordinates many Zionist events. He is clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine (Gastroenterology & Liver Diseases) at the Einstein School of Medicine as well as a practicing physician.

President Trump had already proven his sterling Pro-Israel credentials by nearly blocking UN Resolution 2334.

By reading the riot act to the President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, on December 22nd, 2016, then President-Elect Trump blocked Egypt from putting forward in the Security Council Resolution 2334 which condemned Israel for building in Judea/Samaria and Jerusalem. It is reported that Jared Kushner stayed up all night making sure al-Sisi would withdraw the resolution.

Al-Sisi indeed complied and withdrew the Resolution. Unfortunately, President Obama through the back door persuaded New Zealand, Venezuela, Malaysia and Senegal to put forward the very same resolution on December 23rd. It passed the Security Council 14-0. President Obama told Samantha Powers to abstain creating one of the most dangerous UN resolutions against Israel ever. Now every Israeli soldier had to fear that he could be brought to the Hague on charges of "war crimes".

President Obama had no intention of stopping there. His plan was to declare PLO Statehood at the UN after the 70 Nation Conference on January 15th.  This would be his coup de grace against Israel. This would be his finishing touch on eight years of making life difficult for Israel. President Obama's "Amen corner" "J" Street took out a "Thank You" Mr. President and Secretary Kerry full page New York Times Ad on January 5th in preparation for and anticipation of Obama's denouement at the United Nations in his final week of his presidency. It would be his curtain call declaring PLO Statehood at the UN. So what happened? After Obama's quarterback sneak at the UN on December 23rd, Prime Minister Netanyahu and the entire Trump Team went to work.

Ambassador John Bolton's passionate and on the mark criticism of President Obama, and the UN on Dec. 11th in association with the ZOA led by Mort Klein, Breitbart represented by Aaron Klein, Jewish Chamber of Commerce, National Council of Young Israel and Arutz Sheva in front of the UN started the ball rolling. Governor Mike Huckabee's trip to Israel January 1st thru the 5th and especially his appearance in the Knesset contributed to the pressure brought to bear against President Obama and at the same time fired up the Trump Team to make sure that statehood was not declared at the UN in the week of the Inauguration. This would have diminished the "Presidency" of the United States. It would have been a total embarrassment. It would have overshadowed the inauguration and put President Elect Trump in a very uncomfortable position. Then President Elect Trump made sure that the UN did not pull another "fast-one" on Israel.

 Rally's around the globe helped too. Most importantly, PM Theresa May of Great Britain was talked to. As a result she sent a low level delegation to the Paris Conference on January 15th. She is to meet President Trump soon in Washington. She will be one of the first world leaders to sit down with the President. There is no question that she was listening to the Mr. Trump when she made sure to water down  the Paris Conference. She was signaling that if the UN would dare try their shenanigans again that she would veto the resolution even if President Obama would again abstain. President Obama got the message.

It was President Trump's first major achievement on the world stage and it was "huge". The new global political dynamics were now in place. Now President Trump will start the process of moving the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. We all hope and pray the President will continue to build on his successes.