Why Huckabee

Dr. Joseph Frager,

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לבן ריק
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Dr. Joseph Frager
The writer is a leading American pro-Israel activist who sponsors and coordinates many Zionist events. He is clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine (Gastroenterology & Liver Diseases) at the Einstein School of Medicine as well as a practicing physician.

After ten thousand Jews were expelled from Gush Katif in 2005, I realized that something had to be done differently to prevent this from ever happening again.

This was a terrible trauma that the Jewish People should not have allowed. Many tried to forestall this debacle. I applaud all of their incredible efforts. Many who supported the move realized the grave mistake after it happened. Most blamed the Prime Minister at the time, Ariel Sharon. Many reasons were given why he was so fixated on going ahead with the expulsion. I have always maintained that the focus on trying to persuade Ariel Sharon to cease and desist was not the only approach that needed to be taken.

Although many disagreed with me, I felt that the focus should be on President George W. Bush. Although Ariel Sharon gets the lions share of blame, I have always maintained that President George W. Bush was complicit. This is not to disparage President Bush's friendship with Israel. He was indeed a good friend. He, however, bought into the idea of the "Gaza Disengagement" for his own political purposes. He wanted to show the so called moderate Arab countries like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia that he was doing everything he could to solve the PLO-Israel Conflict. It was in essence "payback" for his invasion of Iraq.

I believe that my colleague David Bedein, perhaps not quite in these terms, also subscribes to this belief. The Gush Katif expulsion could have been stopped if the major Jewish organizations in America had been able to convince President Bush that the "Gaza Disengagement" was foolhardy and wrong. Suffice it to say that President George W. Bush pushed hard for an election in Gaza not that long after the Expulsion. The election was another major mistake bringing Hamas into power. Since then there have been four wars (2006,2008,2012, and 2014) with Hamas and the situation remains unstable. All of the major Jewish organizations supported both Ariel Sharon and President Bush. Even Charles Krauthammer who usually is correct supported the Gaza Disengagement. The people of Gush Katif did not have the "voice" they needed to win. Even Bibi Netanyahu came out too late in the process to oppose Ariel Sharon.

Clearly, the People of Israel needed to find individuals who could advocate for them in the world arena on the large stage. Governor Mike Huckabee was one such individual. Unfortunately, he did not come to national prominence until he ran for President and finished in second place to John McCain in 2008. I befriended him at that time and our relationship has only grown. Accusations of  missionary activity are completely and utterly exaggerated. I am satisfied with his answer to me both in September of 2016 and again last week that he was hired as a paid speaker via the Premiere Speakers Bureau by one organization based in Texas that he did not know was involved in missionary activities. He is asked to speak at hundreds of Dinners and Conferences. He has remained in the political arena and was offered a Cabinet Post by Pres. Donald Trump.

He remains a confidante of President Trump and met with him last week. His daughter Sarah is part of the administration and is close to Ivanka . Governor Mike Huckabee has been one of the most outspoken advocates for Israel. He is against a two state solution. He is for building Judea and Samaria. He has spoken a number of times for both Ateret Cohanim and Bet El. He just placed a cornerstone for an extension of Maale Adumim which was featured on both Breitbart and CNN.

 A number of years ago he placed a cornerstone for a Yeshiva Building on the Mount of Olives . Jon Voight assisted him then. His latest trip to Israel which I, Odeleya Jacobs, Dr. Paul Brody, Ken Abramowitz , Helen Freedman and the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce led by Duvi Honig participated in and organized produced many advances.

This was the first time that I can recall that the Chareidi Community led by Duvi Honig joined forces with the Nationalist camp to protect and defend Judea and Samaria (The Agudah has often been part of a Likud led Coalition). This mission came on the heels of the Obama betrayal of Israel at the United Nations  and John Kerry's rant against Judea and Samaria in particular and against Israel in general. The timing could not have been better. This was not the original plan but G-d in his mastery of the world made it so. The trip was so important that the Prime Minister of Israel felt the need to meet with Mike Huckabee for close to an hour. This is how much respect Bibi Netanyahu gives to Mike Huckabee.

The governor made sure, even though he was not feeling well, to go to Amona to show solidarity with the people there. He promised the residents of Amona that he would raise the issue with President Trump. After Gov. Huckabee met with Minister of Education Naftali Bennett in the presence of Duvi Honig and myself, Minister Bennett endorsed the "Sabbath Law" in its entirety. He also recommended that Israelis should do a year of Torah study before entering the army.

The governor's presentation in the Knesset was broadcast by Aaron Klein of Breitbart to 45 million people. Odeleya Jacobs was the main organizer of all the incredible events on the mission. The People of Israel finally had a real voice they could depend upon with access to the White House in Governor Mike Huckabee. This gives me hope that Gush Katif will never happen again. We need more people like Mike Huckabee. Thank G-d we have him.