Was Elor Azaria Setup?

Batya Medad ,

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Batya Medad
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Was Elor Azaria Setup?

Although the legal/moral/political/philosophical debate about when and if to shoot Arab terrorists is a very old one, even predating our move to Shiloh in 1981, the sacrifice to 21st Century Political Correctness of Elor Azaria has modernized the controversy.

Elor Azariya, Arutz 7

The well-planned public outcry from the Left was spurred on by the convenient/coincidental or had it been pre-planned video of the scene by the extreme Left anti-occupation sic of B’Tselem.

The left-wing foreign-funded NGO B’Tselem, which holds its own government responsible for terrorism against Israelis — on the grounds that Palestinian violence is an expression of justified frustration at their plight as an “occupied” people — was on the scene filming the event. (Ruthie Blum, Algemeiner)

Considering the very simple arithmetic of 1 +1 = 2, I just can't ignore that crucial detail. Why wasn't B’Tselem prosecuted for complicity in that terror attack?

Consider that one of my "dumb questions."

And if B’Tselem had staged and planned it, then the suspicious heavy unseasonable clothes, which are supposed to be one of the signs of a suspected terrorist, were also part of the planned scene/act/terror attack. This entire case, situation travesty of justice and morality can be traced back to B’Tselem, no doubt at all. And the IDF and government leaders were the patsies the fools who fell for it. We all know that the so-called justice system here in Israel is so far to the Left, that they didn't need the distorted silent video to convince them.

Yes, Elor Azaria was thrown under the bus and made to pay for a crime he didn't commit.

Fallout from the Azaria trial was that there were IDF soldiers who fled yesterday's fatal Arab terror attack afraid to shoot the terrorist...

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