Post- USA Elections, A New Middle East

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Post- USA Elections, A New Middle East


There's still a month until before Donald Trump will, Gd willing, be inaugurated as President of the United States, but things are already changing. Obama had been hoping to inaugurate a State of Palestine, sic, during his presidency, but thank Gd it doesn't seem to be happening. His support support of the Muslim Brotherhood instead of allies like Egypt has alienated the more moderate Arabs.

ANALYSIS: UN saga shows sands shifting

Ties between the two countries were strained as a result of what Sisi viewed as Obama’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood, and because of Washington’s criticism of Sisi’s human rights record. With Trump, Sisi sees the possibility of turning a new page with Washington, and it is clear that following Trump’s statement on the UN resolution on Thursday – and likely messages he received from the Trump team – he realized this would not be the best way to begin afresh. (Jerusalem Post)

David Friedman, Donald Trump's adviser on Israel,
speaks to Channel 10 News on September 14, 2016.
(screen capture: Channel 2) Times of Israel

So, now we are beginning to see a truly New Middle East, nothing like the one that the late Shimon Peres kept trying to create. Trump's choice of David Friedman as American Ambassador to Israel can be best described as revolutionary. Never has there been anyone so pro-Jewish Rights in The Land of Israel in such a high position. Friedman's policies are diametrically opposed to those of Obama and the State Department.

The chances are that Egypt stopped the anti-settlement motion in the United Nations in its tracks in order to curry favor with Trump.

Trump Weighs In on Israeli Settlements While White House Stays Mum

The days of Obama are waning, which is something not only Israelis like myself are happy about. We will no doubt see more Arab leaders acting relieved to have someone who isn't a Radical Leftist in the White House. They hope for more support and stability from Donald Trump.

Let us see what the future brings, and Gd willing it will be good for the world.

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