Trump - Close DC PLO Office- Never Cancelled Covenant

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US laws, passed at the time that the US Congress approved the second Olso accord in October, 1995, mandated that the PLO would be allowed to open an office in DC on condition that it would repeal its covenant charter which called for Israel's destruction.

Our agency had the one TV crew inside the PNC on April 24, 1996 when the PNC was reported to have voted to cancel the covenant charter.

However,  the footage of that session showed that the PLO never voted to change its charter.

We rushed a VHS video of the session to then-US Ambassador Indyk, along with all records of the meeting.  Indyk ignored the evidence and reported to the US government that the PLO had met the US requirements. One week later, Arafat was welcome to the White House and welcome to open a PLO legation in DC, where it has functioned ever since. 

In other words, the Indyk perjury enabled the PLO to open an illegal office in DC, which has remained open ever since. All the new president has to do is to determine if the PLO did change its charter covenant in order to decide as to whether the PLO can legally maintain an office in Washington, DC

The more feedback the president receives, especially through the Middle East Subcommittee of the US House of Representatives, the better. Here is how to contact the US Congress :

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