Standing Our Ground

Yisrael Medad,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Yisrael Medad
I am a resident of Shiloh, with my wife and children, and now grandchildren, since 1981, having come on Aliyah in 1970. I have served in a volunteer capacity as a Yesha Council spokesperson, twice a member of Amana's secretariat, Benjamin Regional Council plenum member and mayor of Shiloh. I was a parliamentary aide for Geula Cohen and two other MKs, an advisor to a Minister, vice-chairman and executive director of Israel's Media Watch and was Information and Content Resource coordinator for the Begin Heritage Center. I am now Deputy Editor of the critical edition in anthology of Jabotinsky's writing in English.

I just read this:

A Florida woman who fatally shot her abusive husband...was justified in killing him under the state's "Stand Your Ground" laws due to “a reasonable fear” that her family members’ lives were imperiled by the unhinged man.

Charges against Michelle Dinkins-Penland will be dropped after a state attorney’s office investigation found she had the right to protect herself...“Whether applying stand your ground or justifiable use of deadly force law, under the facts of this case, Dinkins-Penland was legally allowed to use deadly force based on a reasonable fear that her life, her mother's life and certainly her son's life were in danger,” according to court documents cited by the Ocala Star Banner.

Well, I checked that out:

stand-your-ground law (sometimes called "line in the sand" or "no duty to retreat" law) authorizes people to protect and defend themselves against threats or perceived threats. This type of law states that people have no duty to retreat from any place where they have a lawful right to be and that they may use any level of force if they reasonably believe they face an imminent and immediate threat of serious bodily harm or death.

This castle doctrine gives immunity from liability to individuals (ie., there is no duty to retreat) when an intruder enters their home. Of these, twenty-two jurisdictions have also extended the immunity to other locations, some extending it to anywhere where a person may legally be.

Now, I know that the Arabs-who-refer-to-themselves-as-"Palestinians" assert they have a Right to Resist:

To quote United Nations General Assembly Resolution A/RES/33/24 of 29 November 1978:

“2. Reaffirms the legitimacy of the struggle of peoples for independence, territorial integrity, national unity and liberation from colonial and foreign domination and foreign occupation by all available means, particularly armed struggle;” 

This justification for legitimate armed resistance has been specifically applied to the Palestinian struggle repeatedly. To quote General Assembly Resolution A/RES/3246 (XXIX) of 29 November 1974:

3. Reaffirms the legitimacy of the peoples’ struggle for liberation form colonial and foreign domination and alien subjugation by all available means, including armed struggle; …
7. Strongly condemns all Governments which do not recognize the right to self-determination and independence of peoples under colonial and foreign domination and alien subjugation, notably the peoples of Africa and the Palestinian people;

These two points — that people under colonial and foreign domination have the right to use armed struggle against their oppressors and that this specifically applies to the Palestinian people — has been repeatedly reaffirmed in a myriad of United Nations resolutions.

Well, I think adopting a Right To Stay Ground is a good enough response by Jewish civilians (the army does what is has to do along with the GSS) but standing, literally, our ground on the soil of Eretz-Yisrael, the historic national homeland of the Jewish People is at least a duty and a privilege, actually,