Much Support for Soldier Who Shot Terrorist

Batya Medad ,

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Batya Medad
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Much Support for Soldier Who Shot Terrorist

Mount Herzl Military Cemetery, Jerusalem
for illustrative pictures of the price in human lives paid by the State of Israel and the Jewish People

Considering that the arrest and condemnations of the the soldier who shot the wounded terrorist last Thursday were based on a purposely silenced video broadcast by an extreme Leftist group, B'Tselem, I find the support for the soldier very important and encouraging.

We all know that in today's modern world every camera and cellphone record sound along with action, and the fact that the B'Tselem crew silenced the sound meant that the sound would totally disprove their agenda. So, anyone with half a brain should have immediately suspected something sneaky and crooked and distorted in the silenced video that B'Tselem sent off to the world.

The fact that so many government and IDF bigwigs, from the Prime Minister and Defense Minister on down, so quickly fell for their scam is not very encouraging. How dumb and gullible they all are!

Just like the fact that B'Tselem had erased the sound should have been a warning light that it was a trick, the fact that the terrorist was in a coat in hot weather was a sign that he could very well be hiding weapons and bombs on his body. The dialogue that B'Tselem did not want anyone to hear was that everyone was being warned that the terrorist was starting to move and that he was most probably boobytrapped or about to brandish a weapon or blow all of them up.
In the above video you can hear very clearly that the soldiers and bystanders are being warned that the terrorist, who had already attacked soldiers, was probably carrying more weapons or explosives and had begun to move.

Improv entertainment groups are fond of a technique, I've seen many times, in which they ask a member of the audience to translate some gibberish said by one of the actors, as if there's an interview of a foreigner or man from Mars or whatever. Considering that this is a totally made up dialogue, based on the imagination of the "translator" I see a connection to B'Tselem's edited/silenced video which was publicized, davka, in that format purposely to distort the truth and they should be prosecuted. This is no joke.

Very unfortunately, Israel's Defense Minister not only fell for the scam, but he refuses to acknowledge his mistake. This whole story is summarized very clearly by IMRA:

Monday, March 28, 2016
Breaking news: MDA investigation: IDF sapper warned terrorist may have bomb even after shotDr. Aaron Lerner - IMRA 28 March 2016
As Defense Minister Yaalon continues issuing statements attacking the IDF soldier who killed the terrorist last Thursday in Hebron in an incident featured in a B'Tselem video, Channel 10 news reports that according to an internal investigation conducted at the request of Magen David Adom (MDA) Director General Eli Bin, the military sapper on the scene instructed the paramedics not to provide medical care to the wounded terrorist - and that this order remained in effect even AFTER the now controversial shooting of the terrorist by the IDF soldier.
For the report in Hebrew:
According to the Israel Radio Reshet Bet item covering the MDA investigation, the investigators noted that the reason the sapper was particularly suspicious was the the terrorist had a zipped up jacket despite the very warm weather (25 degrees Centigrade [77 degrees F]).
Ironically, the Israel Radio report intersperses new remarks by Defense Minister Yaalon against the soldier with this information that strongly supports the version of the soldier and also raises serious questions about the veracity of the IDF claims that the IDF determined that the terrorist did not present a danger [or in plain English - the very real possibility that some people in the IDF decided to make a barefaced lie that served the agenda of the COS and DM who have opted to dig in their heals to defend their original statements against the soldier rather than back down.]

Bibi, after jumping on the B'Tselem led bandwagon has issued a further statement sans apology, trying to hoist himself on the fence.  A better, more David/Yehuda type leader would have completely apologized for his condemnation of the soldier.Netanyahu says soldier's father 'touched my heart':

In his comments, the prime minister remarked on the statement issued by the soldier's father, who asked that his son not be made the victim of a media trial. The soldier is currently under arrest and charged with murder.
"Like you I heard the words of the father of the soldier," said Netanyahu. "I have to say that as a father of a soldier the words touched my heart."
"IDF soldiers, our children, stand before murderous terror attacks by terrorists who come to kill them. They have to make decisions in real time, in field conditions, in stress conditions, in uncertain conditions."
Netanyahu emphasized that "I rely 100% on the IDF, on the Chief of Staff, on the investigation. I trust that the investigation will consider all the conditions that I described, including operational conditions. I am certain that the investigation will be professional and fair towards the soldier."

I must say that nothing is fair if the Defense Minister has condemned the poor soldier already, and the Prime Minister had, too. I'd like to see Defense Minister Yaalon resign, because if this is how he reads, watches, investigates and analizes security reports he is not competent to be Minister of Defense for the State of Israel.

I am glad that Jewish Home chairman and Education Minister Naftali Bennett has come out strongly for the soldier. He remembers what is is like to be on the frontline, which is something that Bibi and Bogie and others have forgotten.

"What happened is that [the soldier] was placed on a field trial before the Military Police even started its investigation," Bennett said, adding, "Two terrorists came to kill civilians. Both were shot and killed and there was a very serious incident. Between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. that Thursday, before the Military Police investigation even began, the entire Israeli leadership in both the opposition and the coalition determined that the soldier committed a crime.”
"Then the case goes to young Military Police investigators, and how can they conduct themselves in an objective way?" Bennett continued, demanding that the murder charges against the soldier be dropped.
Soldiers acting on a battlefield, in such a situation, cannot be branded murderers, he said. "We sent him to defend us in battle. He may have erred seriously, maybe not. We need to hear him." (Arutz 7)