A Tale of Alternate Reality at AIPAC

Rob Muchnick,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Rob Muchnick
Rob Muchnick is the US Representative of the new Israeli political party, Zehut, which will be running in the next election. Zehut, headed by former Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Moshe Feiglin, believes that for Israel to thrive it must follow its Jewish identity, as opposed to the current path of following its Israeli identity. For more information, please visit www.Zehut-USA.com. Mr. Muchnick may be reached at Rob@Zehut-USA.com .

Earlier this week, Hillary Clinton addressed the 18,000 strong “pro-Israel” crowd at AIPAC’s annual Policy Conference in Washington, DC and said the following with reference to Donald Trump and his policies toward Israel: “Yes, we need steady hands, not a president who says he’s neutral on Monday, pro-Israel on Tuesday, and who-knows-what on Wednesday because everything’s negotiable,” she said. “Well my friends, Israel’s security is non-negotiable.”

Amazingly, I have found some common ground with Hillary! It’s too bad that she kept speaking and ruined the whole thing.

Of course, Hillary, Israel’s security is non-negotiable! Unfortunately, you support Obama’s terrible nuclear deal with Iran, which literally gives a state which claims that its goal is to destroy Israel the means to do so. And by pushing non-stop for Israel to cede most of Judea and Samaria to the Palestinian Authority, you strongly support making Israel nine miles wide and militarily indefensible (according to the definition of militarily indefensible determined by two US Joint Chiefs of Staff reports on how much of the lands liberated in the 6-Day War of 1967 that Israel must maintain in order to stay secure).

Ok, it’s easy to see that the truth-seeking pro-Israel crowd should not even consider Hillary. However, reality and truth-seeking have very little sway at an AIPAC conference. The AIPAC crowd gave her overwhelming support as they virtually all support the Two-State (Final) Solution and the Democrat party, and any questioning of these beliefs is tantamount to heresy! This was just the beginning of my AIPAC alternate reality experience.

And what of Trump? Donny said to the assembled AIPAC crowd that the Iranian deal is the worst deal ever and he’ll get rid of it. Fine and dandy, right? Donny also called Obama the worst friend Israel has ever had in the White House. This was great, too. Unfortunately, he kept speaking, and he continued with the gem that he’ll “enforce the hell out of the Iran deal”. So, which is it, Donny? Will you scrap the Iranian deal or will you enforce it, when you stated yourself that even if Iran lives up to its end of the deal, it will be able to go for a nuclear bomb in fifteen years and there will be nothing we can do about it then.

And where does Little Donny stand on the Two-State Fallacy? First he said that he would not let the UN impose a solution on Israel and Palestine [sic]. Ok, fine so far. But, as before, he had to continue. He stated that he would facilitate a deal between the parties. He then finished with some “sage” advice for Israel that a deal is in its best interests. I think Donny should keep his advice to himself, as any deal ceding parts of our G-d-given Land of Israel to anyone, be they Canada or be they Amalek or Ishmael, will inevitably lead to disaster for us. (And let us be very clear, the Palestinian Authority is literally Amalek, as Mahmoud Abbas proudly claims his mentor to be Haj Amin Al-Husseini, who raised 200,000 Bosnian Muslim SS troops for Hitler and made plans to build another Auschwitz in Israel to finish Hitler's job. Abbas also authored the PLO’s 1974 Phased Plan in which he suggests taking whatever land he can get from Israel through negotiations and using that land as a base to destroy whatever is left of Israel. Abbas is following his own plan to a T, and yet most Jews refuse to see this fact.) On Israel, Donny is probably better than Hillary, but he is still a huge wildcard and could go either way. He also received tremendous applause from the crowd, as no one in the crowd actually understood anything that he said. He said very forcefully that he was going to be the biggest friend ever for Israel, so people applauded. Oy vey!

Was AIPAC's top brass upset that Donny wants to divide Israel? Of course not! But they were apoplectic that Donny called Obama a terrible friend of Israel. Donny, don't you know that you can set up Israel's destruction at AIPAC, but in no way can you criticize the liberal messiah, a/k/a Obama?

Now we go deeper down the rabbit hole into our little Alternate Reality world as we see what Ted Cruz said. Cruz stated that he would rip up the Iranian deal on his first day in office. Great! Did the other shoe drop? Well, sort of. Cruz didn’t even mention the so-called “Peace Process” as he is on record as opposing any Israeli giveaways of land, as he believes that G-d gave it to the Jewish People and it can’t be given away. This policy is absolutely correct because we need our biblical heartland in order to fulfill our Jewish national mission of being a Light Unto the Nations, and it also represents common sense, as the Arabs have shown over the last 23 years that they are not the least bit interested in living “side by side in peace and security” with Israel. Only a fool or an AIPAC leader or attendee would oppose this statement. Since Cruz knew his audience, he didn’t mention the Peace Process as he didn’t want to be seen as “too pro-Israel”. What an upside-down world we live in!

Outside the conference, many hundreds of pro-Arab/Palestine supporters were vehemently and violently protesting AIPAC and Israel. They want Israel destroyed and replaced with a 23rd Arab state and a 59th Muslim state called “Palestine”. Am I the only person who thinks that these folks have more than enough countries? Am I the only one who wonders why giving these folks another state, which would no doubt become another failed and/or rogue terror state, will somehow bring peace to the world?

Not too far from these supporters of Arafatistan stood the Neturei Karta. These Orthodox Jews, who are a subset of the Satmar Chasidim, believe that Israel should not have Jewish sovereignty until after the Moshiach makes his appearance. They advocate for the “peaceful” transfer of Israel to the “native” Arabs, who are much less native than we are to Eretz Yisrael. I’m sure that the second Israel drops its weapons this transfer of power would be really peaceful. As peaceful as ISIS is with its Yazidi neighbors, I’m sure. I wonder what planet these guys are from.

And inside AIPAC’s conference, there were dozens of breakout sessions covering all angles of the peace process and current events and future political predictions. AIPAC made sure to balance every session by bringing in a left-wing peacenik to counter another left-wing peacenik. I had the temerity to ask, in front of a few thousand people, some of these self-proclaimed “experts” why they kept pushing the fraudulent peace process when it is clear to everyone that the Arabs are not at all interested in living side by side with Israel in peace and security, and why do they not even consider a humane and practical alternative like paying the Arabs $250,000 per family to emigrate to any country they like? I also mentioned that Israel has the money to pay these amounts, and that Arab polls show that over 80% would take the money and leave. The “experts” refused to answer my question and many in the audience actually hissed at me for having the chutzpah to question the fact that the emperor has no clothes. Yes, I did find a few attendees who thought like I did, but by and large they were overwhelmed by being in a place with 18,000 “pro-Israel” supporters and just let the underlying awful policies of AIPAC slide right by them in Orwellian subserviance.

To recap, AIPAC wholeheartedly calls itself “pro-Israel” and yet supports a fraudulent peace process which may very well lead to absolute disaster, or worse, for Israel. The Arab protesters and the Neturei Karta are both “anti-Israel” and yet support the same disaster for Israel. Ted Cruz is too “pro-Israel” for the “pro-Israel” crowd so he can’t even mention that he wants Israel to keep all of its land. And I’m not even allowed to mention a real, viable, Jewish alternative to the fraudulent peace process, one which would let Israel annex all of its liberated lands and pay most of the Arabs to leave.

Jewish lore says that Moshiach will come when everything is upside down – when good is bad, when evil is good, when right is wrong, and when wrong is right. Well folks, I think we are there. May G-d bless us all with the ability to open our eyes and see the truth. We sure need it!