France's solution for rising Muslim violence

Tuvia Brodie,

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Tuvia Brodie
Tuvia Brodie has a PhD from the University of Pittsburgh under the name Philip Brodie. He has worked for the University of Pittsburgh, Chatham College and American Express. He and his wife made aliyah in 2010. All of his children have followed. He believes in Israel's right to exist. He believes that the words of Tanach (the Jewish Bible) are meant for us. His blog address is He usually publishes 3-4 times a week on his blog and 1-3 times at Arutz Sheva. Please check the blog regularly for new posts.

France is worried. It has a growing Muslim population. As its Muslim population increases, so does Muslim-inspired violence. 

Of course, France believes in ‘political correctness’.  French officials are not allowed to track race or religion (“France, Islam, terrorism and the challenges of integration: Research roundup”,journalists, November 16, 2015). As a result, there is no official link between Muslims and crime. The only thing the French know is that heavily populated Muslim areas are knownfor their crime (George Packer, “The Other France”, New Yorker, August 31, 2015).

Everyone knows this. Everyone writes about it. But France's ruling elite has its collective head in the sand (Natalie Nougayrede, "A year after the Charlie Hebdo attack, France is still in denial," the guardian, January 9, 2016).

France is very worried. In 2010, France's Muslims represented 7.5 per cent of France's population (Adam Taylor, "Map: France's growing Muslim population", Washington Post, January 9, 2015).  Within a year (2011), the French could identify 751 ‘no-go zones’ where Muslims were/are ruled by Muslim criminals violent enough to overpower police (Soeren Kern, “European 'No-Go' Zones for Non-Muslims Proliferating”, gatestone institute, August 22, 2011).

In 2010, conventional wisdom said that France's Muslim population would reach 10 per cent by 2030. By 2030, researchers said, France would host Western Europe's largest Muslim population (Taylor, ibid). Given Muslim violence, that population increase didn’t bode well for France’s future.

That was 2010. By 2013--the latest year for French population numbers--France's Muslim population had reached that 10 per cent critical-mass number (Soeren Kern, "The Islamization of France in 2013", gatestone institute, January 6, 2014). France had reached its predicted Muslim growth figures 20 years ahead of schedule (Soeren Kern, “The Islamization of France in 2015”,gatestone institute, January 19, 2015) .

For France, that means only one thing: more violence. By the beginning of 2014, the French city of Marseille had become perhaps 40 per cent Muslim (Daniel Greenfield, "French city with 40 per cent Muslim population is the most dangerous city in Europe", front page mag, January 4, 2014). Muslims were setting up 'unofficial' checkpoints (ibid). They ran no-go zones with an iron fist (Abigail James, "The shocking reality of 'no-go' zones: France has no control over Muslim neighborhoods", Catholic Online, January 14, 2015). French officials were helpless.

Marseille, France is "sick with violence" (Greenfield, ibid). It’s not alone. Across France, there’s hardly a town without a Muslim-controlled 'no-go' Zone where French officials fear to tread (James, ibid).

France is frightened. It faces a violence it cannot control (ibid). More and more, it sees Jews being attacked by Muslims shouting, 'Viva Mohammed. F-- the Jews. Palestine will win' (Greenfield, ibid).

What should France do? What can France do?

France cannot allow itself to drown-by-violent-Muslims. It’s got to do something to convince perpetrators to stop being violent. How can France do that?

Here's what I think France believes it should do to stop Islamic-inspired violence: it'll turn against Israel. It’s already declared that if Israel doesn't accede to 'Palestinian' demands, France will unilaterally recognize the 'state of Palestine'' (Joshua Spurlock, "France to Israel: Capitulate to Palestinian demands or else?",the Mideast update, January 31, 2016).

Of course, France will object to such a reading of its actions. It’ll say there’s no connection between peace for Israel and France’s Muslim violence. But I don’t buy it. France has too many Jew-hating Muslims. Its Muslim constituency is too large. Its Muslim population is too stridently anti-Jew and anti-Israel.

To understand France’s behaviour, consider three realities: (1) France has 475,000 Jews. (2) France has 4,710,000 Muslims. (3) The squeaky wheel gets oiled.

Jews want to keep a low profile. Muslims want dominance (Rachel Molschky, “Muslim Terrorism and European Jew Hatred: what’s changed in 35 years?”, cherson and molschky, April 27, 2015).

Jews are quiet. Muslims are ‘noisy’. France listens to that noise (“France: We will recognize Palestinian state if talks deadlock persists”, Times of Israel, January 29, 2016).

The problem is, turning against Israel isn’t the solution to Muslim violence in France. Forcing Israel into a fake ‘peace’ isn't going to stop the next rape in France.  It won’t prevent the next beating in the streets of Paris. 

Turning on Israel does, however, make a statement. It makes the statement that France prefers Muslim anti-Semitism to reality. Instead of taking a very hard look at uncontrolled Muslim neighbourhoods where violence reigns supreme, France takes the easy route. It blames the Jews (Judith Bergman, “Europe Still Blames the Jews for All Its Problems”, algemeiner, November 22, 2015).

That’s what France’s behaviour is about: ‘F—the Jews. Let ‘Palestine’ win’.

That’s what France buys into: let ‘Palestine’ win. The calculus is simple. Give the masses what they want. They’ll love you.

It’s a fool’s logic. France’s non-Muslim citizens will not be safer because Israel has been handed over to ‘Palestine’.  French women are not being raped because Muslims are angry at Israel.

France appeases its Muslims. For this, it will drown in Muslim violence.