Has Labor's Herzog Suddenly Gotten Smart?

Batya Medad ,

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Batya Medad
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Has Labor's Herzog Suddenly Gotten Smart?

If you haven't yet heard...

Herzog: In current reality, two-state solution is not realistic

MK Herzog. (photo credit:MARC ISRAEL SELLEM/

The opposition leader said that absent the ability to reach an agreement with the Palestinians at this time, “there is a need to form security policy in the mold of this reality, and this reality necessitates a separation from the Palestinians.”
Herzog said he does not support a unilateral withdrawal, as he had “learned the lessons” of past unilateral withdrawals from Lebanon and Gaza.
“I say first of all to complete the security fence around all of the settlement blocs. We are here and they are there,” he said, reiterating an idea he discussed in his speech to the conference of the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv on Tuesday. Jerusalem Post

I'd say this is as earth-shattering as when Bibi Netanyahu suddenly said he supports the Two State Solution sic. And if you've been listening carefully to what Bibi has been saying, they are actually saying the same thing, both Likud and Labor.

What Prime Minister Netanyahu always says about a "Palestinian State" is that he has demanded conditions. And he won't agree to a state for them until those conditions are met. And my gut feeling is that Herzog also envisions certain conditions that the Arabs must meet before they could have a state. It could be that they both want the same conditions.

Did you notice that Herzog also said that unilateral withdrawals are dangerous!! I'd say that is extremely important!!

But to be honest, I don't care what the conditions are. I don't think they will change anything. The State of Israel and World Jewry will be in mortal danger if Gd forbid there ever is a State of Palestine. There is absolutely no way that there will be any security for the State of Israel if another Arab state is established here.

The only way to stop the Arab terror is to stop all talk of a "two state solution." We also must strictly punish all Arab terrorists. Do not give them legal rights as ordinary criminals. All who attempt to murder Jews must be executed, even if they had failed. Send the PLO, Hamas and Fatah off to Sweden or wherever. Close down their corrupt offices and P.A.

Make sure the Arabs pay all their bills for water, electricity, telephones etc. Whoever doesn't should be deported. Make them submit building plans to Israeli authorities just like we Jews have to. If anyone wants to leave, they can. And of course Jews should be allowed to live all over, even in Arab neighborhoods.

Yes, I can dream and demand. That is how we got the State of Israel. We dreamt and we built. And we must continue!!