Syrian Refugees Should Find Refuge in Arab Countries!

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Syrian Refugees: Why aren't They Clamoring to Find Refuge in Arab Countries?

Besides Syria, there are close to two dozen Arab countries, some pretty close to Syria, and some are extremely modern and affluent.

National Geographic

Maps of Arab countries and Israel. Note that Israel is a tiny island in a sea of Arab countries.

Considering the difficulties all immigrants have learning new languages and adjusting to new cultures, norms and school curriculums, you'd think that the innumerable syrians fleeing their country would make a beeline to nearby Arab countries.

List of Arab countries from Wikipedia


PosCountryPopulationWorld ranking

1 Egypt89,100,00016

2 Algeria39,500,00033

3 Sudan38,448,00035

4 Iraq37,425,00039

5 Morocco33,666,17940

6 Saudi Arabia31,560,00045

7 Yemen25,502,00049

8 Syria17,740,34055

9 Tunisia10,982,80077

10 Somalia10,456,00085

11 United Arab Emirates9,589,00093

12 Libya6,449,000103

13 Jordan6,745,023106

14 Palestine sic*4,650,368123

15 Lebanon4,468,000126

16 Mauritania3,778,254134

17 Kuwait3,589,000138

18 Oman3,383,000139

19 Qatar2,321,000149

20 Bahrain1,359,000155

21 Djibouti923,000158

22 Comoros830,000163

Total Arab League365,674,964


RankCountryArea (km2)[Note 1]Area (sq mi)% of TotalNotes

1 Algeria2,381,741919,59518.1%Largest country in the Arab world.

2 Saudi Arabia2,149,690830,00016.4%Largest kingdom in the Arab world.

3 Sudan1,861,484718,72314.2%Formerly the largest country in the Arab world.

4 Libya1,759,540679,36011.4%

5 Mauritania1,025,520395,9607.8%

6 Egypt1,002,000387,0007.6%Excluding the Hala'ib Triangle (20,580 km2/7,950 sq mi).

7 Morocco713,550275,5003.4%Does not include Western Sahara (266,000 km2/103,000 sq mi).

8 Somalia637,657246,2014.9%Largest exclusive economic zone in the Arab world.

9 Yemen527,968203,8504.0%

10 Iraq435,244168,0493.3%

11 Oman309,500119,5002.4%

12 Syria185,18071,5001.4%Including the part of the Golan Heights (1,200 km2/460 sq mi) currently occupied by Israel. sic*

13 Tunisia163,61063,1701.2%

14 Jordan89,34234,4950.7%

15 United Arab Emirates83,60032,3000.6%One of three federated states in the Arab world.

16 Djibouti23,2009,0000.1%

17 Kuwait17,8186,8800.1%

18 Qatar11,5864,4730.08%

19 Lebanon10,4524,0360.08%

20 State of Palestine6,0202,3200.05%Under Israeli occupation. sic*

21 Comoros2,2358630.01%

22 Bahrain7582930.005%


Population density[edit]


1 Bahrain1,7884,6317502901,341,000[3]

2 State of Palestine7131,8476,0202,3204,293,313sic*  [21]

3 Lebanon4081,05710,4524,0364,268,000

4 Comoros3438882,235863767,000

5 Kuwait16242017,8186,8802,889,000

6 Qatar17545311,0004,2001,921,000

7 Syria117303185,18071,50021,740,340

8 United Arab Emirates9725183,60032,3008,089,070[22]

9 Egypt962491,001,449386,66282,532,544[23]

10 Morocco78202446,550172,41032,666,179Including Western Sahara (Non-self-governing territory)[24]

11 Jordan7118489,34234,4956,345,023

12 Iraq76197438,317169,23533,425,000

13 Tunisia65168163,61063,17010,673,800[25]

14 Yemen45117527,968203,85025,502,000

15 Djibouti3910123,2009,000923,000

16 Sudan18471,886,068728,21534,848,000[26]

17 Algeria17442,381,741919,59539,500,000

18 Somalia1539637,657246,2019,656,000

19 Saudi Arabia13.1342,149,690830,00028,660,000

20 Oman9.324309,500119,5002,883,000

21 Libya3.79.61,759,540679,3606,449,000

22 Mauritania3.38.51,025,520395,9603,378,254

* There is no "State of Palestine" and has never ever been one!

Considering the amount and variety of Arab countries, many of which have extremely low population density, shouldn't they be the main countries welcoming Syrians fleeing their homes?

Israel Resource Review

This is an important question. Jordan has accepted some refugees, but I wonder if they will let them become Jordanians. Since 1948, they have kept their fellow Arabs from Israel in refugee camps enthusiastically supported by theUnited Nations aka UNRWA. Almost seventy years after the establishment of the State of Israel, these refugee camps are  still being used to indoctrinate and train terrorists to attack and destabilize Israel.

The vast majority of Syrian refugees, seem to have been able to afford to get much further away than Jordan. Considering the price the smugglers and agents demand per head, there must be someone funding this massive exodus to Europe, the Americas etc.

I suggest three simple reasons why the fleeing Syrians are not flocking to other Arab countries:

There are people/organizations encouraging/funding them to attempt to enter other countries and societies. There are two reasons for this, humanitarian and to get sleeper terrorists into those other countries.  The Arab countries are not looking for fellow Arabs to increase their populations.  The refugees want to get as far from Syria and Arab culture as they can.

What do you think?

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