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Paula R. Stern,

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Paula R. Stern
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John Kerry is working as hard as humanly possible, even inhumanely possible, to reach an agreement with the Iranians. Rumors say it is possible, even in the coming hours, for there to be an announcement of an agreement, a deal that will allow the Iranians to proceed, will ease the sanctions.

Based on the word of a nation that has threatened to destroy my country, promised to wipe us off the face of the map, sang and danced in the streets while chanting death to America and to Israel...based on their word and ignoring all the times they have lied, America will agree to bow, to surrender, to appease. Evil will win; Neville Chamberlain has been reborn.

In 1938, Nazi Germany announced a plan - it was step one in an elaborate new world they planned to create. Step one was to take over the Sudetenland area of Czechoslovakia. Step two would be Poland, and so on...Chamberlain agreed - they could have Sudetenland. Appeasement over taking a stand against evil. He chose to feed evil thinking its appetite would be satisfied. The war he tried to avoid, came anyway but by then it was against a stronger, more confident enemy.

These next hours are, to John Kerry, the most important moments of his life and the heck with the consequences. At 71, he might even be figuring that he'll be gone before the Iranians convince the world that he was completely wrong.

My first thought when I heard an announcement that they were closing in on an agreement was that Kerry had probably worn through the fabric at the knees of his fancy suit, so busy groveling before the Iranians. My second thought was of a single name, a man who has taken on the persona of the eternal groveler. 

Neville Chamberlain, for all he might have accomplished in his life, will forever be remembered for his policy of appeasement, surrendering to Nazi Germany at a time when history might have been changed, millions saved. 

Chamberlain lives John Kerry and at this critical point in time, history may well show later that lives could have been saved if only Kerry and his boss had the courage to say no.

The Iranians are the quintessential bargainers. It isn't easy to "out-bargain" an Iranian. It is possible, but not easy and the first, most essential trait you must have to accomplish this is strength. But strength alone is meaningless if you don't also have guts. The United States still has the strength but under its current leadership, it lacks the guts.

The pictures coming out of the meetings are amazing, the body language to telling. Look at this picture. There is Kerry - all attention on Mohammad Javad Zarif. Just tell me what to seems he is saying...whatever it takes, let's get this done.

And then there is Zarif - look at his hands, look how he leans his chin on his hands. This is not the body language of a man worried about an agreement failing. This man is amused. Go on, he is silently telling Kerry, entertain me. I'm having the time of my life. Agreement, no agreement, who cares? What matters is that Iran has won.

"Death to America" and "Death to Israel" rang out in the streets of Tehran on the day, the final day, the last day, the deadline. It was make or break...and it broke. 

Only, it didn't break because once again, beyond the "final, firm, that's it, seriously" deadline, John Kerry kept talking and so Zarif and his ilk are not only entertained, they are ecstatic.

The new extension goes to Monday, after the last several have failed. One person said that they've tried so hard, they just can't fail...

Can't fail...what a concept...based on what I'm hearing about this deal, I'm not sure we can afford to succeed.

As for Neville...he's laughing his head off, perhaps as much as the Iranians...after nearly 80 years, he's about to yield his title as the Chief Appeaser to John Kerry.