The Arab war isn’t about statehood. It’s about Jews

Tuvia Brodie,

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לבן ריק
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Tuvia Brodie
Tuvia Brodie has a PhD from the University of Pittsburgh under the name Philip Brodie. He has worked for the University of Pittsburgh, Chatham College and American Express. He and his wife made aliyah in 2010. All of his children have followed. He believes in Israel's right to exist. He believes that the words of Tanach (the Jewish Bible) are meant for us. His blog address is He usually publishes 3-4 times a week on his blog and 1-3 times at Arutz Sheva. Please check the blog regularly for new posts.

Many people around the world have been fed a lie. They’re victims of a massive propaganda hoax. They’ve been ‘educated’ to see the Arab-Israel conflict as a showdown between a brutal Western regime that’s controlled by villainous Jews versus innocent and abused Arabs who fight for a state of their own.

It’s a hoax about yearning to be free. It’s a hoax that’s very attractive, particularly to a Western mind which has ‘yearning to be free’ embedded into its DNA. It’s compelling. Many accept it as a natural political truth—just as they accept the ‘naturalness’ of ‘the pursuit of happiness’ that’s embedded into America’s founding document.

But it’s still a hoax. The unspeakable Jew-hate that comes out of the Palestinian Authority (PA) suggests that the ‘Palestinian’ Cause is more a malicious deception than a dream for freedom. Certainly, the raw, vicious hate we see from the PA tells many Israelis that the Arab war against Israel can’t possibly be about statehood or freedom.

Actually, we in Israel know that this Arab war can’t possibly be about freedom because we know that Arabs in Israel have more freedom in Israel than Arabs anywhere else in the Middle East. If freedom was the Arab goal, Arabs would be praising Israel, trying to find ways to imitate Israel and clamouring to find uniquely Arab ways to improve upon Israel’s successes.

But few Arabs do any of that. Few care.

There’s a reason for this silence about Israel’s freedoms. Think about it: when you want something, what do you talk about? You talk about the thing you want. For example, if you want a bicycle for your birthday, you don’t talk about a yo-yo. You talk about that bike.

So if Arab leaders want a state, why do they spend so much time talking about Jew-killers? What does glorifying Jew-killers have to do with getting your own state? (Morton Klein, “Two Weeks In Abbas’ P.A.: Jews Killed Arafat; Fatah Convention Named For Olympics Jew-Killer; Pro-Terror Band Honored”, zoa, December 2, 2010; “Palestinian Authority Honors Killer of Elderly Jews”, ipt, April 8, 2011; Robert Spencer, ““Moderate” Fatah posts image of huge pile of Jewish skulls”, Jihad Watch, January 5, 2015; Moshe Phillips and Benjamin Korn, “Op-Ed: Embracing killers of Israeli students”, Crescent City Jewish News, February 20, 2014; “Abbas’s Hypocrisy Shows as Fatah Praises Killers” unitedwithisrael, January 18, 2015; “Heroine from hell: Palestinians honor mass killer [of Jews] with monument, Fox News, March 19, 2015).

If Arab leaders believe that living side-by-side with Israel in peace and security is so important, why do they tolerate religious leaders calling Jews apes and pigs? If Arab leaders want to live side-by-side with Israel in peace and security, why do their schools teach their children that Israel has no right to exist and must be destroyed? 

Look, Arabs are just like you and me. They talk continuously about what they want—just as we do.

They don’t talk continuously about creating a free and independent state where Arab citizens can flourish in peace and cooperation with Israel. They talk about erasing the Jewish state.

They do that for a reason. They do it because that’s what they care about. That’s what they want.

That’s why Fatah (the ruling power in the PA) spends so much time demonizing Israel. It’s also why they spend virtually no time talking to their followers about the civic, economic and political benefits those followers will see once there’s a new, independent ‘Palestine’.

The Arab war isn’t about statehood. It’s not about independence. It's about eliminating Jews from the Levant. Just look at the maps of ‘Palestine’ they print: their ‘Palestine’ doesn’t sit side-by-side with Israel; it replaces Israel.

Stop believing in a lie. Ask, why does the map of ‘Palestine’ replace Israel?

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