Bill Nye, "J" Street and Iran

Dr. Joseph Frager,

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לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Dr. Joseph Frager
The writer is a leading American pro-Israel activist who sponsors and coordinates many Zionist events. He is clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine (Gastroenterology & Liver Diseases) at the Einstein School of Medicine as well as a practicing physician.
Bill Nye who supposedly is a high intelligence scientist blamed the Jews for all of their problems because they cannot get along with their neighbors.
He said on the Bill Maher Show that "European Jews should get to know their neighbors better". How stupid can you get? Or how badly Anti-Semitic can you be? For a man who professes Mensa intellect, he just used the oldest canard in the book. I suggest he watch Alfred Hitchcock's recently released documentary on the liberation of the Concentration Camps.

The Nazis did not try to exterminate the Jews because the Jews did not get along. They used industrial genocide against the Jews because they were simply Jews. Anti-Semitism has no basis in rational thought. Anti-Semitism is Root Evil without rhyme or reason. That is why Prime Minister Netanyahu is worried about an Iran that says regularly it wants to annihilate Israel. Bill Nye has done a tremendous disservice to Western thought. He has set the world back years with his Anti-Semitism.

It makes me shudder to think that here may be others who share his views. It was not born in a vacuum. "J" Street came out with a full page Ad in the New York Times bashing Prime Minister Netanyahu. Instead of getting at the main critical issue of our day they focused their money and energy on Prime Minister Netanyahu. Instead of seeing Iran as the main threat the world faces today they decided to fire their canons at the Prime Minister. How dare they? Who are these shameful characters? Once again shooting the messenger is a lot easier than eradicating the nuclear weapon capability of the planet's most Evil and dangerous Empire. The Purim story is obviously lost on the "J" Street gang. They no doubt would be the first to blame Mordechai for not bowing down to Haman for all the Jews travails.

Bill Nye and "J" Street are in the same boat on this one. One has to thank President Obama for making the Prime Minister's Speech to Congress the most important Speech of the millennium. Obviously, that was not Obama's intent but he did a fine job of stirring so much controversy he actually boosted Bibi and the Iranian Crisis prior to the March 24th deadline for the interim agreement.

The President was hoping to slide right into an Agreement with Iran before anyone had a chance to catch their breath. That is why he got so upset. Now the Iran issue is front and center where it should be, but not where the President wants it to be.

The Iranians are watching the developments very closely. A strong showing by Bibi will throw them into a tailspin. They fear Israel and Netanyahu more than they fear Obama. Message to Bibi-Stay Strong . Message to Congress-Give the Prime Minister the warmest and loudest reception ever.