Breakthrough for Mankind from Tel Aviv University

Baruch Gordon,

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Baruch Gordon
Baruch Gordon founded the Arutz Sheva - website in 1995 and served as manager and News Director for its English Media Department for 14 years. Today he serves as Director of Development and Public Relations for the Israel Defense Forces Preparatory Academy in Bet El and Bet El Institutions. He also directs which offers countrywide tours of Israel. Baruch founded in Bet El a Smicha Program for working men, and received his smicha in 2014 from Rav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg. Baruch served in the IDF Search and Rescue Unit. Born and raised in Memphis, he was elected International President of United Synagogue Youth in high school and soon after became religious while studying at Tufts University. Baruch resides with his wife Anat, a native Israeli, in Bet El and has 7 Sabra children and even more grandchildren. ...

I just got a press release from Tel Aviv University that has moved me deeply.

The subject line of the press release reads: Tel Aviv University research uncovers secrets of bats feeding habits

I am sure that most of my readers are moved with me to uncontrollable tears when reading of this discovery. The fact that well-funded academics in a prominent university have uncovered the feeding habits of bats increases the joy in my life in a super way. Grown men in this illustrious institution sat around and pondered this issue probably for months or even years, and they finally did it. They now have it down how bats eat. I think we all agree that this is a real game changer for most of us.

The great news is the last two lines of the press release: 

The researchers are continuing to study bat behavior, comparing bats that use different foraging strategies. Dr. Yovel is also developing new sensors to monitor a host of other bat biological markers.

What this means is that we can look forward to more news about eating habits of bats from research departments in the participating universities.

My conclusion: The next time someone complains that funding yeshivas has no benefit for society, I will send them a copy of the press release.

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