Cyber Warfare-The New Frontier

Dr. Joseph Frager,

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Dr. Joseph Frager
The writer is a leading American pro-Israel activist who sponsors and coordinates many Zionist events. He is clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine (Gastroenterology & Liver Diseases) at the Einstein School of Medicine as well as a practicing physician.

It is no longer a "Cold War" going on between Russia and the United States it is a "Cyber War".

Russia, unbeknownst to most, recently hacked into the White House.  It was probably a form of retaliation for Sanctions placed upon it by the President for Russia's invasion of Crimea. Iran has Blueprints of the President's Helicopter. The Chinese stole the classified jet designs of one of the Pentagon's best kept secrets in 2006-the"Joint Strike Fighter".

The Chinese came out with their copycat version in 2012. In the 1990's American hackers were able to infiltrate Bosnian Air Traffic Controllers and make them think that American invading aircraft were coming from one direction  when in fact they were coming from the opposite direction. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (Republican from Michigan) sounded the warning about Cyber Warfare on CBS "Face the Nation" this past summer. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel did the same during Operation Protective Edge. Israel by far and a way has the most protection against cyber warfare among any nation but has to constantly stay on its toes as cyber attacks occur against it in the millions. It is being bombarded daily.

The Prime Minister has accused Iran of "non-stop" cyber attacks. A new book written by Shane Harris, "@War:The Rise of the Military-Internet Complex" chronicles the Rise of Cyber-Warfare. In 2012 Iran waged a cyber attack against Saudi Arabian National oil company, Aramco, infecting 30,000 computers to shut down its oil and gas production. Of course, Iran has itself been targeted in one of the most spectacular, first of its kind cyber raids on its Natanz nuclear facility in 2010 by the Stuxnet Worm. The Stuxnet Worm was of the 500 Kilobyte variety that attacked specifically the centrifuges. Vendors of the computers operating the centrifuges were unwitting "Trojan Horses".

This was one of the first uses of the concept of "Zero Day Vulnerability" that targets damaging flaws in software and hardware of companies that make the product. Unfortunately, Iran has overcome most of the potential for similar attacks. There is no regulation whatsoever over stockpiles of "Zero Day Vulnerability" information. Presently, the information can be sold to the highest bidder. Rogue nations can obtain this information for the right price. The greatest threat to America probably lies in the Zero Day Vulnerability data about power and utility companies. Iran is targeting America in this way as a form of retaliation for Stuxnet.

They can shut down the electricity to major American Cities with a click of a computer mouse. If power failures do occur it will be most likely from a cyber attack by Iran on America's unprotected Electrical Grid. Joint cooperation between Israel and America is essential on dealing with this very real threat and public menace. Only in this way can America keep up with the advances in the former Soviet Union, China, and Iran. Otherwise America will be blindsided by technology that is much more advanced than anything we have ever seen before and can throw us all into the Dark Ages.