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PM Netanyahu Has Collapsed on Temple Mount Bridge

By Yisrael Medad
9/3/2014, 1:09 PM

No, Netanyahu has not physically himself collapsed on Temple Mount approach bridge. Not at all. He's healthy. There's no immediate medical emergency.

An item like this will make headlines and be spread across the Internet and the social media outlets:

Israeli bulldozers demolished a dairy factory in Hebron and Bedouin homes east of Jerusalem early Tuesday...

But this new probably will not:

רה"מ הורה על פירוק גשר העץ החדש להר הבית בעקבות לחץ מבית המלוכה הירדני
לדברי פקיד ישראלי בכיר, הקמת הגשר הארעי נעשתה ללא אישור הדרג המדיני. "רצינו להימנע מהאשמת ישראל בהבערת המזרח התיכון בעת הזו"

Translation (it hasn't yet appeared in English yet):

The Prime Minister ordered the dismantling of the new wooden bridge approach to the Temple Mount following pressure from the Jordanian Royal Court.  According to a high Israeli official, the construction of the temporary bridge was done without authorization by the diplomatic echelon. "We wished to avoid Israel being accused of igniting a Middle East conflagration (or: to avoid setting the Middle East ablaze".


It might be a good idea for all those ascending Mount Moriah so as to enter the Temple Mount precincts, be they tourists and/or Jews, via that old bridge should make sure they have adequate insurance coverage or inquire whether the Israel government can be sued if, God forbid, it does crumble.

As for Netanyahu's crumble, well, there's always the next election.