Taqqiya: Then and Now

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לבן ריק
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Israel should have had its fill of Hamas' phony truces, which Hamas admits openly are mere hudnas; respites in which to plan more murderous violence against civilians. A brief look at history should be more than enough warning that the Islamist (one who uses what he calls Islam as an excuse for violence, often against genuine Muslims as well as others) is, by his very nature, a treacherous liar to whom perfidy comes as naturally as breathing.

Islamism's contributions to the history of the United States, while few, also are very important. Militant "Islam," as practiced in North Africa, gave the United States the following:

The reasons for all of these were, of course, militant "Islam's" penchant for human trafficking, in this case of American nationals. The Barbary Pirates demanded payment of jizya, the dhimmi tax, and the Marines gave them enough jizya to last them for the rest of their lives. Decatur, however, lost his brother in the war, which brings us back to the original subject; lying comes as naturally to the Islamist as breathing. Starting on page 121 of the reference,

His gallant brother, Lieut. James Decatur, no less daring than himself, had captured a Tripolitan Gunboat and, after it was surrendered to him, its commander, with diabolical perfidiousness, combined with dastardly ferocity, shot him dead, just as he was stepping upon the deck! While the Americans were recovering the body of their slain commander, the Turk escaped with the prize-boat. As Capt. [Stephen] Decatur was bearing his prize triumphantly out of the harbour, this heart-rending catastrophe was communicated to him.

Instinctive vengeance, sudden as the electric shock, took possession of his naturally humane and philanthropic soul. It was no time for pathetic lamentation. The mandate of nature, and of nature's God, cried aloud in his ear — " Avenge a brother's BLOOD." With a celerity almost supernatural, he changed his course — rushed within the enemy's whole line with his single boat, with the gallant Macdonough and nine men only as his crew ! ! His previous desperate rencontres, scarcely paralleled, and never surpassed in any age or country, seem like safety itself, when compared with what immediately, followed. Like an ancient knight, in the days of chivalry, he scorned, on an occasion like this, to tarnish his sword with the blood of vassals. His first object was to board the boat that contained the base and treacherous commander, whose hands still smoked witn the blood of his murdered brother. This gained, he forced his way through a crew of Turks, quadruple the number of his own, and like an avenging messenger of the King of Terrors, singled out the guilty victim. The strong and powerful Turk first assailed him with a long spontoon, heavily ironed at the thrusting end. In attempting to cut off the staff, Captain Decatur furiously struck the ironed part of the weapon, and broke his sword at the hilt. The Turk made a violent thrust, and wounded Decatur in his sword arm and right breast. He suddenly wrested the weapon from the hand of his gigantic antagonist; and as one "doubly arm'd, who hath his quarrel just" he closed with him ; and, after a long, fierce, and doubtful struggle, prostrated him upon the deck. During this struggle, one of Decatur's crew, who had lost the use of both arms, by severe wounds, beheld a Turk, with an immense sabre, aiming a fatal blow at his adored commander. He immediately threw his mutilated body between the falling sabre and his Captain's head — received a severe fracture in his own, and saved for his country one of its most distinguished champions, to fight its future battles upon the ocean. [This deed is attributed to Reuben James, but quite likely performed by Daniel Frazier.]

While Decatur and the Turk were struggling for life in the very throat of death, the exasperated and infuriated crews rushed impetuously forward in defence of their respective Captains. The Turk drew a concealed dagger from its sheath, which Decatur seized at the moment it was entering his heart — drew his own pistol from his pocket, and instantly sent his furious foe— "To his Iong account, unanointed, unanneal'd, With all his sins and imperfections on his head."

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