How to Expose Pallywood

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US Israel Supporter

Jason Voorhees, Freddy Kruger, the Alien, Jigsaw, and The Hitcher recently applied for unemployment compensation. Why should anybody pay to watch fake gruesome violence when Islamists, especially ISIS, provide the real thing for free? ISIS has uploaded countless live snuff movies to educate the world as to the merits of its ideology, which is actually a horrific propaganda blunder. During the Second World War, the U.S. War Department had to draw pictures of Nazis and Imperial Japanese committing atrocities because the enemy was (usually) smart enough to not send us movies and photos that would enrage our population into supporting the war effort.

The Internet allows propaganda to spread across the entire world within hours if not minutes, and Hamas and its sympathizers are trying to exploit this to demonize Israel. ISIS's habit of lying (taqqiya), however, means they tell lies that are easily exposed, which should destroy their credibility. The instant you lie to the Propaganda Man (the person you seek to persuade), you lose his trust, and rightly so. Here is how to expose Israel's enemies for the liars they are.

Bing Image Search

Here is a graphic image of "horrific images of seriously injured as a result of Israeli shelling," with "Live Gaza" in the picture along with a reference to Al Jazeera. If you download this picture, or if you found it on Facebook or other social media, you can use Bing Image Search to locate similar images on the Internet.

If you do this with the referenced image, you will find that the "wounded man" is an actor in a movie called Sholay.

A friend, meanwhile, send me a picture of a woman who has to be the unluckiest in the Middle East. After being wounded by Syrian air strikes in Aleppo, she suffered exactly the same injuries, and in the company of exactly the same people, in Gaza! This by no means makes light of her real injuries, but rather mocks the stupidity of the people who added "Free Palestine" and the caption "Gaza Under Attack" to the picture.

The Palestinians went even further by circulating pictures of the murdered Fogel family (victims of Islamist terrorists) as victims of Israeli artillery or airstrikes, but they were so stupid that they forgot to photoshop the mezuzah (symbol of a Jewish home) out of the picture first.

Beware of Similar Anti-Islamist Propaganda

We must, in turn, be careful not to circulate similar propaganda that seems to meet our needs. One example is a half-naked woman tied to a bed with a large cross shoved down her throat, and who is depicted as a Christian victim of ISIS. She is actually an actress in a horror movie who was not harmed in any manner. There is also a video of an actual execution of four kneeling women, with men yelling in Arabic; the Arabic was dubbed onto a video of a murder by a Mexican drug cartel. The enemy provides us with more than enough atrocities, including "selfies" made by terrorists who are shooting unarmed victims, chopping heads, and so on, that we can check out information before we circulate it.

"When in doubt, check it out"--and, if there is still doubt after you do, don't propagate it. Let the enemy make a liar of himself, and not of us.