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National Disgrace to National Triumph!

By Ben Packer
8/22/2014, 2:08 PM

This is a picture from Hevron today.

The fact that something like this could happen is a national disgrace. However, the correct response would be to transform it into a national triumph. Of all the checkpoint barriers in Hevron - this one leads to the famous Hevron Yeshiva (Yeshivas Knesses Yisroel/"Slabodka"). It is just slightly further down the road. For whatever bad reason, the Yeshiva was left outside of the Israeli-controlled area (H2).  Jews are currently not able to access the empty facility. For those who are familiar with the area, you know that just to the left of this post is a sign that clearly signals the direction to the Yeshiva and then under it is written "Jewish Access Forbidden" (picture below). You can't even find that in country clubs in America anymore! This is the right time to rectify the situation! Exactly 85 years, almost to the exact same week of the Hevron Massacre (Tarpat) of 1929. Are we waiting for a clearer signal that its time to return?!!!

The current Israeli Government talks alot about Hevron and how important it is for the Jewish People and the State of Israel. Talk is nice, but action is much nicer and much more appropriate. In Beit HaShalom, the government backed up its words and hopefully the same will be true at Beit Machpela. However, these were both projects that were initiated by (courageous) private individuals. Its time for the Government to act and to take back Yeshivas Hevron!