We are strong and will not give in

Yehudit Tayar,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Yehudit Tayar
B"H Yehudit Tayar lives with her family in Bet Horon in the Benjamin Region for over 30 years, serves as an emergency first response medic, sits on the Board of Directors of Hatzalah Yehudah and Shomron,and is one of the spokespeople of the Jewish pioneers in Yesha. ...


During this time I really am not interested in discussing current United States -Israel relations.  I would prefer at most to remind everyone that this is not unexpected.  Even when Israel really needed the United States support it was always an uncertainty.  Not only for the State of Israel- but for the Jewish people.

I would remind everyone of the facts:

The United States did nothing to stop the transports of our families HY"D being taken to the death camps during WW2. 

1956- where was the US?

The War of Attrition?

  1973 -the only reaction of the US was after the 3rd army of Egypt was cut off- then they jumped in- where were they????

Where is the US government in reaction of the Oslo Agreements signed in Washington which was "based on reciprocity, cessation of terror against Israel and incitement against Israel".

During a very violent time when Israel was under missle and terror attacks from Gaza in the year 2000,I was sent along with two friends/colleagues, Pinchas Wallerstein, and Aharon Domb (leaders of the "Settlement Movement") to Washington in response to the fury of the US government that Israel used American purchased planes to attack the terror cells in Gaza.

Before making that trip realizing the enormous responsibility involved I tried to think what I could possibly say or do to portray the truth and represent by country and Nation- not in uniform -just a Jewish settler.

Arriving at Capital Hill in Washington D.C. was a surprise for someone like myself who grew up in Israel and has never been there before.  The buildings are huge- it reminded me of  the stories of the Roman Empire who attempted to dwarf and intimidate anyone from outside. 

We entered an enormous chamber (room does not describe it) full of suited men - about 50 members of the US government- all with angry red faces. And there we were-...

As we approached the long table where the government officials sat my colleagues looked at me and whispered, "behave Yehudit", they know me very well and I am unafraid of the truth no matter to whom it is directed.

The officials were yelling at us (in the name of our Government and State) "How dare you?  How dare you bomb civilian populations? (hmmm does this sound familiar???)

I stood at the front of the table and looking into the furious faces of these suited officials, pounded on the table and directing myself to this furious crowd of "VIP"s" said loudly, "excuse me- you are absolutely right!"

Immediately their faces went into shock- mouths dropped open- but I didn't give them a chance to respond but continued, "we should have taken a page from American military and burned them with Naipalm like you did! How dare you attack us when we are defending our lives! "

Each of these officials dropped his face down and it became even redder than before - but then I continued and said, "not far from here on the White House lawns an agreement was signed on September 13, 1993 between the Palestinian Authority and the State of Israel with American guarentees for :

reciprocity, cessation of incitment against Israel, prevention and cessation of violence directed against Israel amongst the most important clauses of the agreement."

I then unrolled something that I had brought from home and threw it on the table.  "This is the official tourism map of Israel- tourism- not military- this is supposed to be a-political- PLEASE FIND ME ISRAEL HERE!!!!!! No you will not be able to because here in this official map of tourism -even here we do not exist.

By that time their heads were bent down and they sat there silently.

This war- yes war- not operation was begun because of violent attacks- yet again - against Israel by a terror organization that is holding Gaza hostage with the knowledge of every country in the world.

"Our innocent civilian population" is under murderous attack and the plans to operate these terror tunnels inside of our communities and the continuous rocket - missile- mortar attacks- penetration of terrorists inside of Israel should bring a definitive response certainly from the United States government who continue to ignore the incitement also by the PA.

I salute our brave soldiers.  I grieve with our families who lost their sons, fiancees, siblings, and pray not only for the speedy recovery of our injured but for the Israeli govenment to continue to destroy our enemies even if the US and the rest of the world continue their hypocrisy while we are attacked and in real danger. We are strong and will not give in but continue to fight not only for us here in Israel, but for the Jewish Nation no matter where they are living.