America a Danger for Jews. 47th St. isn't the USA

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Batya Medad
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America is Becoming a Danger for Jews. 47th Street isn't the USA

Via my Betar friends email list I received a video that was supposed to cheer me up, but instead it got me more depressed than I was after yesterday's visit to Yad Veshem.

Most of the American Jews who fully support the State of Israel live and work in a few "ghetto-like" areas throughout the states. That's why what you see by the end of the short film happened.  Please watch:


The results would be different almost any other place in the United States. The "Jew density" of 47th Street aka the "diamond district" is probably the most densely Jewish of any other place during work hours, between business owners, employees, customers and those just in the area passing by.

Paris anti-Israel Protest, Independent

I watched the earlier part of the film terrified for my American family and friends. Paris is moving to the USA. As I saw so well documented in Yad Veshem, things start slowly. There was a gradual escalation in the laws and restrictions against Jews.

The New York demonstration may not have had the missiles of the French one, but they were shouting "free Palestine" and "from the river to the sea," which makes it clear that they want and promote the destruction of the State of Israel.

Where else have such demonstrations taken place in the United States and what was the result of the other ones?