"Rules of Land Warfare." ANY QUESTIONS?

US Israel Supporter,

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US Israel Supporter

The United Nations, and incompetent and dishonest elements of the United States government, have condemned Israel for firing on terrorists who use United Nations and other nominally protected facilities (schools, hospitals, mosques) for cover. The Rules of Land Warfare, which were published originally by the U.S. War Department, and in conformance to the prevailing laws of war, make it unequivocally clear that anybody who accuses Israel of a war crime is either:

  • (1) Incompetent, and lacking even basic understanding of international law
  • (2) Willfully dishonest
  • (3) A terrorist, or an accomplice to terrorists

There is NO other rational reason other than incompetence, dishonesty, or collusion with the enemy for anybody to accuse Israel of war crimes for attacking combatants and material that are hiding behind schools, hospitals, mosques, and UN facilities, the latter with the apparent collusion and cooperation of the United Nations. "Incompetent or dishonest" includes the likes of Barack Obama, John Kerry, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay. We assume, however, that these individuals (except Moon) can comprehend the English language, and the Rules of Land Warfare are written so as to be easily understandable even by enlisted soldiers with (in 1914) relatively limited formal educations.

Improper use of distinctive badges of Geneva Convention.—The Red Cross flag must be limited to the protection of units and material provided for in the Geneva Convention. As examples of the improper use may be cited covering wagons containing ammunition or non-medical stores, a hospital train used to facilitate the escape of combatants, firing from a tent or building flying the Red Cross flag, using a hospital or other building accorded such protection as an observatory or military office or store, or generally for committing acts of hostility.

The Rules of Land Warfare cite the older Lieber Code, which elaborates, "It is justly considered an act of bad faith, of infamy or fiendishness, to deceive the enemy by flags of protection. Such act of bad faith may be good cause for refusing to respect such flags." The Rules of Land Warfare are in accordance with the newer Geneva Convention (Article 28), which says "The presence of a protected person may not be used to render certain points or areas immune from military operations."

Needless to say, a Palestinian ambulance that carries munitions or combatants is the same thing as a "wagon containing ammunition or non-medical stores), and a hospital or UN school that stores ammunition, booby traps, or from which terrorists fire at Israel, falls into the "generally committing acts of hostility" category. When the enemy hides behind the Red Cross, Red Crescent, or UN flag, Israel is no longer obliged to respect those symbols of protection.

Navi Pillay ignores the UN's own war crimes because she is incompetent, dishonest, or both. She seems to have nothing whatsoever to say about UNRWA allowing Hamas to plant booby traps in one of its buildings to kill Israeli soldiers, or UNRWA giving rockets to Hamas for use on Israeli civilians. The UN's perfidy, and material support for terrorists, makes UN personnel in Gaza spies who are aiding the enemy under color of neutrality. As stated by the Lieber Code,

While deception in war is admitted as a just and necessary means of hostility, and is consistent with honorable warfare, the common law of war allows even capital punishment for clandestine or treacherous attempts to injure an enemy, because they are so dangerous, and it is difficult to guard against them.