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Hamas says: "You're a Sap, Mr. Jew"

By William A. Levinson
8/1/2014, 10:08 PM

What part of "Hudna" does Israel Not Understand?

A politically incorrect (because of its depiction of Japanese with exaggerated Asian features, which was acceptable when we were at war with them) Popeye the Sailor cartoon depicts Popeye coming upon a Japanese fishing boat. The Japanese offer him a peace treaty and, while he is signing it, hit him with a hammer, put a stick of dynamite in his shoe, stamp on his foot, and finally offer him a bouquet with an angry lobster inside. It's funny when Japanese cartoon characters inflict slapstick violence on a very credible and gullible American cartoon character, who finally eats his spinach and takes care of business. It's not funny when Hamas breaks the tenth or twentieth (it's hard to keep track) cease fire to which it has agreed, and Israel has honored, kidnaps an Israeli soldier, and kills two more.

Hamas' perfidy was easily foreseeable, as shown by my previous article, Hudna offer? "What Would Wiśniowiecki Do?" A hudna is not peace, or even a preliminary to a permanent peace. It is a respite during which vicious Islamists who, having lost the fight they have started, can regroup, rearm, and plan more violence.

The land of non-believers currently under a truce, which is a respite between wars. A truce is bought by tribute or agreement. If the harbis break the conditions for the truce, hostilities are resumed or after ten years, which ever comes first.

Hamas does not, however, honor even the perfidious nature of a hudna. Israel has never broken a truce, but Hamas resumes its mindless violence within hours of a purported cease-fire. As I said previously,

Think about it. Somebody has said he will kill you and your family, and has made numerous attempts to do so. You finally fight back, put him on the ground, and now your foot is on his neck. At that point, he begs for his life with the offer, "Let me up again, and I'll agree not to attack you again for ten years, unless the respite gives me the means to do so sooner." Do you let him up, or bear down with all your weight until he stops moving? Most people had enough sense to do the latter until roughly the past 65 years.

Israel also needs to think very strongly about what happened to Jews, and others, during the early 1940s. How would Israel handle genuine Nazis who have called for extermination of Jews, and world domination? Israel has the right and the duty to handle Hamas in the same manner.

Islamism = Nazism. Any Questions?

The entire civilized world needs to look at the elephant in the living room.

  • Hitler and Mohammad created ideologies to get their deluded followers to kill and die for them.
  • Hitler and Mohammad defined their followers as racially or religiously superior.
  • Hitler and Mohammad defined those who were not their followers as racially or religiously inferior.
  • Hitler and Mohammad said their followers had the right and destiny to rule the world.
  • Hitler and Mohammad said their followers had the right to kill or enslave those deemed inferior.
  • Hitler and Mohammad wrote books, Mein Kampf and the Koran respectively, that include these doctrines.
  • Hitler and Mohammad committed mass murder.
  • Hitler did not, admittedly, rape nine year old girls. Eva Braun was, unlike Aisha, a consenting adult.

Most American Muslims, and some Muslims in Europe, have renounced Islamism's vicious practices. The Islamists that infest the Middle East and Central Asia are, however, worse than rabid animals (no mammal would choose to get this horrific disease), and there is only one way to protect yourself from a rabid animal. It is also the most humane thing for the animal. Islamism is a mental disease every bit as deadly as Ebola or the Black Plague. See how civilized they are!

For anybody who still cannot understand the similarities between Islamism and Nazism, this (full sized image, circulation is encouraged) should help.

Nazi, Soviet, and Islamist Mass Murders

Rudyard Kipling had it right roughly 100 years ago, and it applies to the Islamists' Dar-al-Islam just as much as it did to Nazism's Volk (Volk = People)

Whatsoever, for any cause,

Seeketh to take or give

Power above or beyond the Laws,

Suffer it not to live!

Holy State or Holy King--

Or Holy People's Will--

Have no truck with the senseless thing.

Order the guns and kill!

Saying --after--me:--

Once there was The People--Terror gave it birth;

Once there was The People and it made a Hell of Earth

Earth arose and crushed it. Listen, 0 ye slain!

Once there was The People--it shall never be again!

Israel, Hamas has had dozens of chances. It's time to order the guns and kill.