Iraq's Kristallnacht for Christians: Islamism = Nazism

William A. Levinson,

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לבן ריק
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William A. Levinson
William A. Levinson has written for the American Thinker, and his articles include the implications of psychological warfare in international conflicts, and political controversies.

Nun: The Sign of Genocide reports that ISIS Islamists in Iraq are marking Christian homes with the Arabic symbol nun, N for Nazarene (Christian). The purpose is to identify them for looting, and possible genocide of the inhabitants. Now, for those of us to whom Never Again means exactly that, as opposed to the United Nations where it is a slogan, where have we seen something like this in the past?

Nun, Iraq's Yellow Star of David

There is a legend to the effect that, when the Nazis ordered Denmark's Jews to wear yellow Stars of David to facilitate their deportation to concentration camps, the King of Denmark, whose example his people soon imitated, put on a yellow star himself so the Nazis could not identify the Jews. It turns out that the Nazis never did give this order, and that the non-Jewish Danes never put on these symbols, but there is some truth behind the legend.

As already indicated, most legends (as well as simply rumors) usually have some foot in reality. In this case, the presumed facts as depicted in the cartoon was an interchange between Danish prime minister, Thorvald Stauning and the King about the eventuality that Danish Jews be required to wear the yellow star should Erik Scavenius, the more-German friendly foreign minister, become head the new government, which was increasingly insisted upon by the Germans. Thorvald Stauning Prime Minister of Denmark. In office 1924 - 1926. Source Wikipedia The captions read: Stauning: “What should we do then, your Majesty?” The King: “Then we must all wear the Yellow Star’!

Now, however, civilized human beings from around the world are posting the "nun" symbol (shown at right) on their Web pages, social media avatars, and so on, in support of Iraq's Christians against the Islamist savages. Maybe it's time for all of us to do for real what the King of Denmark was reputed to have done.

Jewish Star and Nazarene Symbol

The original "nun" image that people are using is available here, without the Star of David.

What Does the United Nations Have to Say About This?

The United Nations, aka United Nithings, is so busy condemning Israel for defending itself from Islamist terrorists that it has little or nothing to say about an actual genocide by Islamists. This suggests, in fact, that some United Nations personnel have been corrupted by Islamists.  As stated in Romeo and Juliet,  "I do not bite my thumb at you, Sir, but I do bite my thumb." This means I am certainly not going to accuse any specific individual without proof but, on the other hand, there is simply no other rational explanation, other than bribery and corruption, for the United Nations' prominent inaction on Islamist genocide, systematic abuse of women, human trafficking, and similar crimes against humanity. The United Nations is, in fact, an enabler and facilitator for a violent ideology that is no different than that of Nazi Germany.

Same Excrement (Nazism), Different Rectum (Islamism)

Here is today's quiz. What ideology encompasses ALL of these characteristics?

  •  (1) Its founder created the ideology to persuade his deluded followers to kill and die for him.
  •  (2) Its founder wrote a book whose contents justified aggressive warfare, hatred of others based on their race, ethnicity, and/or religion, and included the premise that those whom the founder deemed superior had the right to kill, rape, rob, and/or enslave the inferiors.
  •  (3) Its followers proclaim openly their right to rule the world, and to kill, rape, rob, and/or enslave those deemed inferior.
  •  (4) Those deemed inferior were slated for forced labor, confiscation of property, payment of tribute, and/or extermination.
  •  (5) Those deemed inferior were forced to wear special symbols to mark their inferior status.
  •  (6) Members of the ideology buried their purported inferiors in mass graves

 If you answered either "Nazism" or "Islamism," you are right.

  •  (1) Hitler founded Nazism, and Mohammad founded Islam, to get their deluded followers to kill and die for them. [Note; I do not endorse the theology in this leaflet, but its depiction of Mohammad is accurate.] It is important to note, however, that most of the world's Muslims do not practice the bad things in the Koran, just as modern Jews don't practice the most vicious elements (including genocide) of the Old Testament, and modern Christians do not behave as many "Christians" did in the Middle Ages. The problem is a clearly identifiable minority of people who call themselves Muslims who behave badly and violently toward others, including genuine Muslims.
  •  (2) Hitler wrote Mein Kampf, and Mohammad wrote the Koran. The contents of both books sanction the subjugation or even extermination of those deemed inferior, just as the Old Testament sanctioned genocide and the mediev‎al Church sanctioned Inquisitions. Again, modern Jews and Christians, and most modern Muslims, do not behave that way today.
  •  (3) There is no difference between "Germany today, tomorrow the world," and "Islam will dominate the world."
  •  (4) Nazism deemed Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, and gay people as racial inferiors whom the Master Race was free to kill, rob, or use for slave labor. Islamism defines Jews, Christians, Hindus, and the wrong kinds of Muslims as kafirs or infidels whom they can kill, rob, enslave, or force to pay a special tax (jizya). Islamism also singles out gay people for Sonderbehandlung (special treatment, i.e. extermination), and defines even its own women as chattel property. The latter two items need to be made clear to gay (e.g. Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism) and female sympathizers of this depraved ideology.
  •  (5) The Nazis forced Jews to wear yellow Stars of David, and Islamists compel dhimmis (subjugated people) to wear special symbols and/or clothing.
  •  (6) The Nazis and Islamists buried their genocide victims in mass graves.

We can rightfully conclude from this objective evidence that Islamism, as practiced today in the Middle East, Central Asia, most of Europe, and parts of North America, is no different than the vicious and murderous ideology that killed tens of millions of people before the civilized world put it down in 1945. It is past time that we began to treat it as such.

Remember that Martin Luther almost destroyed the Catholic religion, and with nothing more than hand-powered printing presses, by educating the Propaganda Man (target audience) about abuses such as indulgence peddling. This means it is realistic to envision the destruction of Islamism with a scientific and determined psychological warfare campaign. PsyWar is not only the sole weapon of war it is legal for anybody to use during peacetime, it is the only weapon that can win without killing the enemy, and can even turn him into a friend.

The entire Dar-al-Harb (House of War, targeted for subjugation or extermination by Islamism) has the right and the duty to fight back against this monstrous ideology with a worldwide PsyWar campaign. This campaign must have no less than two objectives:

  •  (1) The demonization of Islamism in the nations, especially European ones, it has infested. If Hitler's lies could persuade the most advanced nation in Europe to hate law-abiding, productive, and loyal Jews, it would be strange if similar revulsion could not be evoked against Islamists who say openly that their first loyalty is to their ideology, and that their ideology gives them the right to kill, rape, and rob their neighbors. Propaganda can be hosted on the Internet outside the borders of nations that have enacted "hate speech" laws that forbid people to tell the truth about this ideology. Appeal to European history with images of knights (Roland at Roncesvalles), heroes (e.g. Charles Martel, Jan Sobieski), and saints (Saint James the Moor-Slayer) fighting Islamist hordes. The video game Hellgate London features high-tech knights fighting demons from Hell, and maybe something similar (not similar enough to infringe on anybody's copyright) could be developed in which knights must defend European civilization from nightmarish hordes.
  •  (2) Persuasion of Islamists to walk away from their ideology. Propaganda should ideally be written by former Islamists who have converted, for example, to Christianity. It is always more effective for somebody who knows the culture, and the language, to write the propaganda than it is for an outsider to do so. A sure way to destroy the commitment between leaders and followers is to prove to the followers that the leaders do not believe their own propaganda. An example would be a leaflet that depicts a mullah or imam encouraging young men to go out and die for Allah, and then retiring to a private club where he drinks alcohol, eat bacons, and laughs with his fellow mullahs or imams at their stupid followers. The truth behind such an image is that those who encourage others to do the dying never seem to do so themselves.
Colonel Paul Linebarger's (Cordwainer Smith's) Psychological Warfare is an outstanding reference and, while you can have my hardback copies when you pry my cold, dead hands from them, inexpensive paperback reprints are available. The Propaganda chapter in Hitler's Mein Kampf also is instructive. The fact that Hitler used his knowledge, which he gained from Germany's PsyWar failures of the First World War, for evil does not mean we cannot use the same principles to defend Civilization from the latest incarnation of Nazism.