Israel Must be Winning if The USA Wants Ceasefire

Batya Medad ,

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Batya Medad
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Deja Vu, 1973, Israel Must be Winning if The USA Wants Ceasefire

The 1973 Yom Kippur War should have been a major wake-up call to the State of Israel that its new friend and ally, the United States of America, wasn't very reliable.
"New friend and ally?" Some of you may be asking. 
Yes, Israel had no allies six years earlier when it fought for its very existance there were no diplomatic military allies. Israel did it alone and did a great job of it. We defeated three Arab armies in six days, and in the process we liberated Land that made the impossible to defend 1949 ceasefire lines history.

1949 "Green Line"


Suddenly, fragile little Israel became a "super power." And suddenly we had defensible borders which included all of Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley, the Golan and the Sinai including Gaza. Unfortunately government and IDF leaders believed the hype and thought us invincible. And suddenly instead of being ignored on the international diplomatic front, we had "friends," like the USA.

Israel signed treaties with America that were supposed to guarantee us vital information, like warning before a country attacked us. Somehow the Americans forgot that in October, 1973, and Israel was not only caught flat-footed, but fasting on Yom Kippur when Syria and Egypt coordinated a surprise attack.

Unfortunately Stupidly Israel was lulled into a false security by the US, because its Secretary of State was a Jew, Henry Kissinger, and it never occurred to Israel's leaders that "one of us" couldn't be trusted to put Israel's needs first.

Looking back, and please don't forget that I was living in Jerusalem at the time, it seems pretty clear to me that the USA had a plan to make Israel totally dependent on it, a protectorate. So, the Americans, led by its President Nixon and Jewish-AMERICAN Kissinger expected Israel to need them to survive. They "stood by" and didn't push for a ceasefire until Israel got the upper-hand against Egypt.  Then, all of a sudden, not earlier when Israel was struggling, did the Americans push for a ceasefire.

And here we go again. Israel has been bombarded with dangerous enemy rockets, missiles weapons for the longest time. Due to the brilliance of the Israeli military industry, the invention of the Iron Dome and the mericful siyate d'Shmaya, Hand of G-d, damage has been relatively minimal.
This does not mean that we haven't been in mortal danger.

All the while that Israel remained silent and tried to live with the attacks, the world, yes including American Obama, Kerry and co., was silent. Now United States President Barack Hussein Obama has sent his Secretary of State Kerry to the Middle East to push for a ceasefire. The "good news" in that must be that the Hamas Gazan Arab terrorists must be hurting. They don't care that their civilians who protect the military installations or the United Nations building that are used for missile/weapons storage have been hit. What seems to have them most upset is that the sophisticated network of tunnels leading from schools and hospitals into Israeli CIVILIAN communities have been discovered and are being destroyed.  Thank G-d for the skills and competence of the IDF.

Now is not the time to stop. We must finish the job, לסיים את המסימה lisayyem et hamissima! And we must stop taking American and other foreign advice.

The Gazan Arab Hamas terrorists couldn't have built those tunnels, rockets and missile-launchers without foreign help. We can't trust anyone other than ourselves.

We have the power with the Help of G-d, like in 1967, and we must use it with confidence, G-d willing.