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Don't Mourn! GET ENRAGED!!!!!

By Tamar Yonah
6/30/2014, 10:06 PM

3 Murdered Teens
Daily Attacks on the IDF
15 Rockets launched and slam into Israel (just this morning!)
Fires set ablaze in/around Jerusalem (this last week)
Rock and Molotov Cocktail attacks on the roads (almost daily)


The country is REELING from the news of the dead boys.

And what does Netanyahu and his government do? They say they are going to bulldoze down the houses of the terrorists.

Is this supposed to let us blow off steam and keep us from marching in the streets with rage and tearing up a path to the Knesset to shake the gates down?

Ok, I am breathing, taking a breath. 


...Then again, we can't get off so easy and put the blame on others. We get the leaders that we deserve. We should all be out in the streets DEMANDING that the government DISMANTLE the Palestinian Authority. We should annex ALL of Gaza and Judea and Samaria, root out the terrorists and destroy the terror groups, and drive the terrorist supporting population out!  (Let us not forget, these enlightened Gazan Arabs voted in the Hamas to be their leaders and represent them - in DEMOCRATIC elections!)  

There are no good terrorists and bad terrorists. The Fatah, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, et al are all the same, they all hate Israel AND the West, and want to murder and subjugate us all. - Look what they do to each other. See video what they do to each other, and watch to the end. You will see the whole scale murders, and the dumping of bodies. Families don't even know what happened to their sons, or where their bodies are so they can bury them. After this video came to light they know NOW. Not all Arabs and Muslims are evil, but we are at war.  This is nation against nation.  A war THEY chose to wage. We didn't want it.  But we must fight it. If we do NOT fight, and WIN this war, we will see more and more of these monstrous acts. It is the duty of the Israeli government  to protect its people.  We must use this righteous rage that we are feeling, for good.  To protect our children in the future. We can mourn tomorrow at the funerals.  But tonight, the government should take action.  And I don't mean just bulldozing down the terrorists' houses. 

Hat tip Walid Shoebat who brought this to light. See his blog for explanation of what they are doing in video: