BDS-activists assault pro-Israel supporters in Hamburg

Vijeta Uniyal,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Vijeta Uniyal
Vijeta is an Indian Entrepreneur in Germany, founder of "Indian Friends of Israel", an initiative of Indian Diaspora to promote India-Israel ties, and a Columnist and Writer for the Commentator, Gatestone Institute, Frontpage Magazine among other well-known publications.

In a disturbing news that I got; on Friday a 83 year-old Jewish man was attacked and wounded in Hamburg, Germany during a vigil held for the missing Israeli teens.

The incident reportedly started when a group of protesters appeared with banners calling for the boycott of Israel. This led to an argument with the some members of the Jewish community. Soon later one of the anti-Israel protester started assaulting the elderly man. The daughter of the victim who came to the rescue was also kicked and verbally attacked by the protesters.  

The 83 year-old victim was reported to be in the hospital. It is not clear if the attackers were arrested.

According to the organizer of the event, the German-Israel Society (DIG), a complaint has been filed against one of the attackers. The Embassy of Israel in Berlin confirmed the identity of the main attacker as a BDS supporter.

This latest incident is part a campaign under the banner of an anti-Israel boycott in Germany.

Let us have no illusions about the kind of people behind this so-called "BDS-Movement". These 'activists' are not the average heart bleeding liberals, that they pretend to be, they are same old violent anti-Semites of Europe and Germany that went into hiding in the aftermath of the Holocaust – resurfacing  again – looking for respectability and rehabilitation.

The fact that these 'activists' would not even shy away from disrupting a peaceful vigil held to mark the plight of three kidnapped Israeli teens, shows the real mean-spirited nature of this anti-Israel campaign.