#BringBackOurBoys - Is NYT making up headlines again?

David Ha'ivri,

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לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
David Ha'ivri
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While the headline story in Israel over the past 48 hours is the abduction of three teenage boys by Palestinian terrorists and the ongoing search for them, The New York Times report of the situation appears under the headline: "Rift Bared as Palestinians Aid Israel in Search for Teenagers Missing in West Bank." This title is obviously meant to give the impression that the PLO/Hamas government in the PA is made up of decent people who are doing their best to help Israel in this time of crisis.
But at the same time, an official PA spokesman is quoted in the Palestinian news service Maan, saying that he is not aware of any cooperation on their side in the search, and that it is not their job to protect Jewish "Settlers."

A spokesman for the Palestinian Authority security services denounced Israel's efforts to blame the PA for the disappearance of three settlers in the occupied West Bank on Friday. Adnan Dmeiri also said he was unaware of any cooperation with Israel in the search for the settlers. ​​He added: “And the PA is not responsible for the security of settlers.”​

When will The New York Times settle for reporting the facts and stop making up news to fit its imaginary world?