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Response to Peace Now's 'Hard Truths'

By Gedaliah Blum
6/12/2014, 11:06 AM

Peace Now is commemorating 47 years of "Occupation" with a list of "Hard Truths".
As long as you haven't eaten within 45 minutes, it may be safe for you to read the full article

The "Hard Truths"

  • The occupation and settlements are destroying Israel
  • Israel needs to stop building settlements and end the occupation urgently
  • Israel has for most of the past forty-seven years shown to the world the face of a nation that does not truly seek peace
  • The occupation has led to an increasingly callused Israeli and American Jewish mindset
  • The current Israeli government is a government of the settlers
  • This Israeli government has rightly earned the lion’s share of blame for the collapse of the latest peace effort
  • The American Jewish community bears a heavy burden of responsibility for the situation today

The follow is my response which I hope will not be deleted from the comments section of the article. I would invite you all to comment here as well as there...

The 67 war was the second attempt to destroy Israel. The first was the War of Independence. Not once have the Arab nations, as a whole, recognized Israel as a sovereign state, let alone a "Jewish" state. to Put the onus of the lack of peace on Israel for living in pre 67 lines is dishonest at best.

Modern day Israel exists where it does today and not Madagascar because of the connection of the Jewish people to what was the center of Jewish life 2000 years ago, JUDEA & SAMARIA. If we, as Israeli's give up and deny this land as our own, there is no longer a justification to settle in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Tfat. Our raison d'etre for being in this region is because of the connection between Judea and Samaria and the Jewish people.

Put all of that aside and there is ONE MAJOR POINT which is always ignored and is the number one reason why there is no peace.

Under Islamic Law, one who is or becomes Muslim cannot convert out. If one does attempt to convert, there are penalties which include death amongst many circles. The SAME holds true with LAND; According to Islamic Law, once Land has been under the control of Muslims, it cannot be transferred to the hands of non Muslims.

Therefore, there will NEVER be any type of recognition for even one square kilometer of Jewish sovereignty ANYWHERE in this region.

No matter what Israel gives away, no matter how much we want peace, our sole existence in this land will NEVER be accepted.