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"Settler Art" - Profile of an Artist; Elisheva Shira

By Gedaliah Blum
6/8/2014, 10:06 AM

Sorry for the label "Settler Art". It was a term used by the NY Times to describe the creative works by some amazing artists found throughout Judea & Samaria. Although written from a left perspective, it does have a nice ring to it. I suppose I connect to it because there is something truly unique about the people who live in Judea & Samaria and further, the creativity of their work is a reflection of their souls.

Here is one such artist from the community of Bat Ayin, Elishe Shira.

Elisheva Shira is an American-born and trained artist, living in Israel with her husband and five children.

Elisheva paints as a means to express the beauty, warmth and spiritual simplicity of everyday lives in Israel, as well as the incredible wonder of the Land that surrounds them.

Her paintings are a visual expression of her spiritual journey using the form of portrait, landscape or abstracted images. This internal quest is about finding and reclaiming all the lost places within her.

Elisheva's work is mainly in pastel and oils. She feels an affinity to these mediums with their immediacy, vibrancy of color and beautiful texture. With over 30 years of experience with the craft of painting. Elisheva pushes the boundaries of this medium. Her paintings are fresh and surprise the viewer. She uses her skills to successfully integrate the lively play of light and color to bring a message of thanks, praise and illumination of the world and The Creator.

Come see what Elisheva Shira  has to say....

Some Examples of Elisheva Shira's work
For more examples: Click HERE

For more examples: Click HERE