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The Deceptive Style of The Jewish Daily Forward

By David Ha'ivri
6/2/2014, 9:06 AM
The Deceptive Style of The Jewish Daily Forward
​According to the Jewish Daily Forward, a Jew who lives in Shomron and believes that to be a fine choice, and who can articulate his opinion in a logical and diplomatic way is actually a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Apparently, for this American Jewish publication, the idea of "pluralism" is not a value meant to be extended to Jews who possess national pride.
Dani Dayan's offense, to them, is much greater because he is a secular Israeli who enjoys the museums and theaters of Tel Aviv. The editors of "The Forward" would have an easier time dealing with Dayan if he were religious; then they could brand him a "crazy Fundamentalist Messianic."
I, too, would be happy if Dani Dayan were more in tune with observing Torah. But the fact is that most residents of Shomron, like most Israelis, lead secular life styles and maintain a basic sense of national pride and connection to our historical homeland, of which Judea and Samaria is the heart.