Jewish Extremists Have Gone Too Far

Ari Soffer,

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לבן ריק
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Ari Soffer
Born in London, UK, he was active in a variety of pro-Israel and counterextremism organizations before making Aliyah and joining Arutz Sheva in 2013. Today he lives in the ancient Jewish town of Shiloh, in Israel's Samaria region. Follow him on Twitter: @AriSoffer1 Read Ari's Op-Eds here....

Jewish extremists have gone too far, and it's time to put a stop to them once and for all.

Their attacks have become an epidemic, from the north to the south of Israel - and here are just four shocking illustrations from this month alone.

Last week, a mob of Jewish youths attacked a group of 11- and 12-year-old schoolgirls, hurling firebombs at their bus near Hevron, in an attack which only failed to cause death or serious injury because attacks against Arabs in the area are so frequent they almost all reinforce their vehicles against rocks and firebombs as standard.

In Jerusalem the extremists are running rampant. A record spike in violent attacks targeting Arabs was recorded in March of this year - 157, compared to "just" 150 and 140 such incidents in February and January alone.

And recently, Jewish extremists, emboldened by their sense of impunity, stormed a church and stabbed at least one worshipper, provoking strong condemnations from the Vatican.

After going unchecked for so long by the authorities, is it any wonder that earlier this month a young Arab girl in northern Israel was hacked to death by attackers who escaped into a nearby Jewish town? 

If you hadn't heard of any of these incidents, it's because they didn't happen. 

Or rather, they did happen - but the attackers were Arabs, not Jews.

The first incident was actually a firebomb attack by Arab terrorists on a bus filled with Bat Mitzvah girls. The bus, in which Jewish sixth-graders from central Israel were traveling on a pilgrimage to the holy Cave of the Patriarchs, actually suffered three direct hits. The only reason none of its terrified occupants were killed was because Jews - not Arabs - are so regularly targeted by rock-throwers and firebombers in Judea and Samaria that the government has for years provided subsidies to Jewish residents there to reinforce their vehicles.

Incidentally, do you know how many mainstream media outlets reported on that incident? Wait, forget that (we all know the answer without even checking) - how many Israeli outlets reported on it? The sad truth is that apart from Arutz Sheva not one of the major English-language Israeli outlets reported on this vicious attack.

But who can blame them? Stupid Jewish kids who scrawl hateful slogans in abandoned construction sites makes for much sexier news. It also comes ready-prepared - editorial slant and all - for them to copy-paste from the likes of AFP, Reuters, and all the other selectively-alert foreign news outlets here in Israel. Much more convenient than having to actually do some journalistic work and find out for yourself about attacks against Jews which conveniently slip under the MSM's radar.

What's more, those aforementioned outlets, along with the likes of the BBC, etc., have created a "market" for price-tag stories, so if you publish them you know you'll get hits. Attempted murder of Jewish schoolgirls...? Less so.

But I digress.

In Jerusalem, there has indeed been a spike in racist attacks - against Jews, by Arabs. Again, if you were looking for this elsewhere, you would be hard-pressed to find it.

And a church was indeed stormed - near Bethlehem, and on Good Friday no less... by Muslims, not Jews. 

Did I mention condemnations from the Vatican? Silly me. Of course, the Vatican made no statement condemning the violent attacks against Christians in Bethlehem, which have steadily driven out much of the ancient Christian community there; nor did they voice concern for the safety of the pontiff during his visit to Palestinian Authority-controlled areas in the aftermath of such shocking brutality. 

After all, they were far too preoccupied with the terrifying thought of more Jewish graffiti. Imagine if someone popped a tire on the Popemobile?! Good grief...!

And, yes, if you hadn't realized already, although no Arab girl was brutally murdered earlier this month, a Jewish girl was. Shelly Dadon was butchered by attackers who then fled into a nearby Arab town near Migdal Haemek.

Now, although media outlets outside of Israel typically ignored the murder, Israeli media simply could not. But do you know the name of that Arab town, and did you catch the slew of angry editorials supporting the collective punishment of its residents? Probably not, because its name isn't Yitzhar and instead of being suspected of harboring a handful of idiotic Jewish hooligans with spray-cans it was merely a place where one or more Arab murderers managed to escape to without being noticed.

How boring.

The issue of the likes of the BBC, CNN and their ilk not reporting such events has been discussed ad nauseum. But why on earth are Jewish and Israeli outlets ignoring them as well?

(And I'm not talking about the likes of Haaretz, who no longer make any attempt to disguise their agenda to lead the media pack in the character-assassination of the State of Israel.)

The answer, in most cases, is pure laziness. 

As I mentioned above, even media outlets themselves are "consumers" of the news, insofar as everyone is hunting for stories all the time. 

It can be tempting for smaller outlets to take their cue from larger ones, and if a story is "all the rage" and they can somehow tap into that demand - either by simply regurgitating it or adding their own take - they happily will, for the sake of hits.

It's basically a free ride. All you need to do is sell your journalistic integrity and intellectual honesty by ignoring Jewish lives in favor of scribbles on walls or punctured tires. 

It takes a lot more courage (and effort) to actually challenge the discourse than simply dance to its hypnotic tune.