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Yaalon presents Hagel with Framed Picture of Auschwitz

By David Ha'ivri
5/16/2014, 1:05 PM

I am sorry, but, this is pathetic. The Jewish people's right to maintaining a sovereign country in our historic homeland, the land of Israel, is based in our heritage, culture, religion. Starting in Bible and leading throughout history.

The Nazi holocaust in Europe is a reminder that we can not rely on the nations in times of distress. but, this is not the core of our national claim to sovereignty. Israeli leaders, presenting foreign diplomats a framed picture of Auschwitz as a souvenir on their visit to Israel is a miserable low in Israel advocacy.

This picture speaks a thousand words. It says that Israel's government wants the American secretary of defense to hang a picture of Auschwitz on his wall and look at it and think of Israel. This is part of the "Israel-Auschwitz-Right to Exist" narrative. To which Ahmadinejad and Abbas respond "if the Germans oppressed the Jews in Europe, why should the Palestinians have to pay the price".

Our claim to our historic homeland is much greater than a means to escape antisemtism in the diaspora. It is a basic right. Israeli leaders and spokespeople must stand up with pride and declare that the land of Israel is the land of the Jewish people.

Photo credit: Gili Cohen @gilicohen10 on Twitter