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Investigate the Police

By Yisrael Medad
2/25/2014, 10:02 AM

As this site is reporting today,

dozens of Muslims began throwing rocks and fireworks at police once the gate, which is the only entrance through which Jews may enter the Mount, was opened. A police force dispersed the rioters through the use of stun grenades.

Police have closed the Mount to Jewish visitors as a result of the riots, which have a direct connection to talks over religious freedom at the Mount due to commence Tuesday. 

I was not a senior IDF officer nor a high-ranking policeman.  I am not a graduate of a management course.

But I think someone should be asking these questions:

- for two days Muslims have been uploading photos of themselves barricading themselves in the Al-aqsa Mosque.  Why were they not evacuated immediately?

- these Muslims were stockpiling rocks.  Why were not, at the least, the weapons removed prior to the riots?  Or their flags and banners?

- why were not all the gates to the Temple Mount supervised and suspected rioters --- the 16-30 year-olds --- prevented from entering?

If our political echelons insist we should do nothing as Jews to anger or upset Muslim sensibilities, cannot we expect our police to do the minimum to protect our security if they cannot assert full sovereignty?