Security is being realistic to the true situation

Yehudit Tayar,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
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Yehudit Tayar
B"H Yehudit Tayar lives with her family in Bet Horon in the Benjamin Region for over 30 years, serves as an emergency first response medic, sits on the Board of Directors of Hatzalah Yehudah and Shomron,and is one of the spokespeople of the Jewish pioneers in Yesha. ...


Before I get into the National Issues I wish to say a few brief words on a personal level.  On Rosh Hodesh Adar my beloved mother-in-law passed away.  Linda Tayar z"l a survivor of the massacre of our people by the Nazi's.  Her entire life was giving and emunah and love and we were blessed.  Always, even at the end when she suffered so with no lungs working and barely breathing she would mouth, "Baruch Hashem always Baruch HaShem."  I was able to convince her a few years ago to give testimony at Yad V'Shem - after which she came home broken, apologizing for not being able to tell everything and I told her how imperative whatever she could relate was.  May we always do good in loving memory amen.

On the National level we are living in a surrealistic reality where the governments of Israel continue to carry on the facade of ever reaching a situation here in our eternal Homeland where we can live in "peaceful existance" with our Arab neighbors. In 2110 Highway 443 was re-opened to traffic for Arabs claiming that in all fairness they must have passage.  I hesitate to restate the warnings we issued to the goverhment of the danger of attacks that we have suffered from Arabs- the injuries and murders. 

Last week it was decided because of the numerous terror attacks, rocks, fire bombs etc on Highway 443, VIP's, Ministers and the like are not allowed to travel on this road because of the dangers there.

We continue to travel on this road with our children and here are some of the results of attacks by Arabs who are determined to murder Jews simply because we are Jews.  We will not run, away we will not leave here, and it is up to the government to protect us by preventing these murderous attacks and not forbidding members of the govenment from facing the same dangers the citizens of Israel face which they continue to ignore.The Prime Minister and the members of the government are responsible for allowing this to happen by encouraging the enemies of our people and allowing them to believe  that one day we will either be forced to leave, to be torn from our homes and  lives as our families in Gush Katif were - or left to the dangers of being under the Palestinian Authority who praise the terrorist murderers and teach to murder Jews. Our enemies are waiting and hoping to destroy Israel and the Jewish people, and security is being realistic to the true situation and not fearing reprisals by economic boycott or other threats. 


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