Kerry for Kerry: Neville Chamberlain, 2013

Rabbi Lazer Brody,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Rabbi Lazer Brody
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וַהֲלַכְתֶּם עִמִּי, קֶרִי. .. וְהָלַכְתִּי אַף-אֲנִי עִמָּכֶם, בְּקֶרִי

"If you walk in a sinister manner with Me, then I shall walk in a sinister manner with you" (Leviticus 26: 23-24).

Hashem tells us in the above passage, as He says in many other places in the Torah, that He runs the world - and especially Israel and the Jewish People - on a measure-for-measure basis.

The word in Hebrew for sinister is kerry - it also means rebellious or spiritually impure.

The prophecy in the above passage is amazing - let's now translate it with its alternative definitions:

"If you walk in a rebellious manner with Me, then I shall walk with Kerry toward you."

US Secretary of State Kerry has now become this generation's Neville Chamberlain by caving into Iran. The USA's appeasement of the Ayatolla's, as manifest in the agreement signed yesterday is ever so remindful of the UK's appeasement of Hitler in 1938.

Yet, who made the deal with Iran? Kerry? No! Hashem made the deal, for everything comes from Him, as the Rambam reiterates in the first of our Thirteen Principles of Faith.

The current Israeli Government has become the most vehemently anti-Torah government in modern Israel's 65-year history; without a doubt, the coalition has been walking in a rebellious and impure (kerry in Hebrew) manner with Hashem. So measure-for-measure, they received Kerry in return, along with his ridiculous agreement that enables Iran to continue with its nuclear program, as well as his demands for unilateral concessions to the Palestinians. The Israeli Government gave Hashem kerry, and Kerry in return.

It's high time for all of us to wake up.

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