Another incident?

Shalom Pollack,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Shalom Pollack
As a veteran tour guide, I have the oppportunity to observe many sides of our beloved country. As a Jew who has come home, I am passionate about sharing my observations and thoughts.

Once  again, once again, we are reminded about the never, never land in which  we live.

Today, five Israeli soldiers were wounded on the Gaza border, one very seriously. They were searching for some of the hundredes of tunnles that  the Gaza Arabs  have  created at great expense ( though Israel supplies much of  the materials - I know,  hard to believe).

We left Gaza in 2005 because PM  Sharon and  all his yes men  assured us that iin fact  the policy that has always been urged by the Far Left has been  correct all these  years  afterall . So Israel destroyed twenty  five flourishing and heroic communities and delivered them to the Arabs of Gaza. Sharon literally turned  plow shares into swords  - and this  was considered sophisticated politics... No need to dwell on the painful and absurd details. This morning we paid yet another "price for peace" , that  hateful  phrase coined by Shimon Peres,  architect of  the Oslo debacle and the high priest of national delusion ( and thus suicide).

When Peres and  Rabin sprung the Oslo accords on Israel and the world, Rabin was  warned that if Israel does indeed leave Gaza there will be rockets fired from there into Israel. His  retort was, "There  never has  been a rocket fired from Gaza (true) and there never will be one (not so true). You are just afraid of peace!" I wonder if he is still  able to count the thousands of rockets that have been fired since that very confident insight back in 1993. I wonder if Sharon is being informed of the price of HiS bold and sophisticated policies?

The "peace of the brave",  was another phrase concocted to confuse and subdue the public.  Another cute one used by Peres and friends was "one makes peace with enemies not friends" Hughh..? If  one declares they are  your enemy ( as in, they incite against you and  don't recognize your right to exist and glorify those who kill you.. they should be treated as such.. or am I missing something?

Why am I bringing up these points which is not hot news today ? I guess the thought of yet  more families consumed by worry over the fate of their loved ones jarred me into sharing my frustration  and pain with our totally self created  slippery and dangerous slope and I wonder along with many  who did no buy into the thought control spinnners - when and how will we stop the slide?

While "Palestinian" society appears mobilized for total and protracted religious war, ours wishes it away as a "situation" . As one buffalo is shot , the others raise their heads for a moment and return to chewing the grass until the next shot rings out to disturb their feeding . Appeasement corrupts the most basic self preservation instincts.. Israel  seems to  have has lost its moral certitude.

There  was  a time when our leaders understood  at least a thing or two  about the reality of this conflict with our neighbors.

Golda Meir, was not always right but she did understand that "There will  be peace when the Arabs love their children  more than they hate ours". Period.

When our leaders rush  to shake the hand of those who want to take our house  away and teach their people to hate us, we have lost something that can not be  replaced with any amount of planes, tanks or money - or promises  from "friends" .

Like many , I grasp  for hope. Its  a good idea to look at our sources and the inspired words of the prophets for hope and comfort.

Isaiah,"The Philistines will finally be sent to other countries on the wings of birds and by way of ships of the seas..."

Now THAT is sound policy!  May  we merit it speedily in our time .