A night of infamy

Shalom Pollack,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Shalom Pollack
As a veteran tour guide, I have the oppportunity to observe many sides of our beloved country. As a Jew who has come home, I am passionate about sharing my observations and thoughts. www.shalompollacktours.co.il...

Tonight I attended a demonstration (yet another) in front of the Ofer prison north of Jerusalem.

The Honenu (www.honenu.org) organizers demanded that if indeed Arab murderers are to be freed to a hero's welcome, then the handful of Jewish prisoners serving long sentences,  accused of actions against  the Arab enemy should return to their families  as well.

Demonstrators wore Arab head dresses and  veils to illustrate the fact that Arab killers are freed wholesale. It would seem one has to be   an Arab for the  prison doors to open .

Along with frustrated and angry citizens  were the  wives, children and elderly parents of the Jewish prisoners. It was heart breaking to speak with the very distraught parents of Avi Poper now srving his twenty-third year of a life sentence for killing Arabs at a time of rampant Arab terror against the Jewish people in Israel.  At age thirteen, Avi was gang raped by a mob  of Arabs.  Hi eldery very sad mother told me, of those he killed that day, was one of his rapists

The differences between the Arab and Jewish prisoners are fundamental:

First of all the Arabs are taught and encouraged to kill Jews by  every level of society and government. They are treated as heroes. Streets and sports teams are  named after them. They garner fat pensions  depending on how many Jews they manage to murder...and there are thousands of them . Some have returned to the turnstile prison after their last release (gesture for peace).

Their Jewish counterparts can be counted on two hands. They are not indocrtrinated to kill Arabs and are not touted as heroes in Israel.

Their actions were not part of an ideology or religious motivation. Each one of them acted  as an individual at a time when Jewish blood flowed freely  with  no  end in sight. They reacted to the general Arab terror  war against the Jewish people. A reaction to the fear and anger felt by all Jews -   not an ideological program backed by an entire society..

Rabbi Medan, head of Yeshiva Har Etzion made an impassioned point when he  said, with the wholesale release of the murderes of so many Jewish people, the state of Israel has  crossed a red line. Israel was created so that Jewish blood not be cheap again, that it is unpardonable to kill a Jew in Israel.

Well, they have indeed been pardoned - big time.

We are on a very slippery slope of our own making. How much farther will it be to the bottom and how much ore blood will flow down its side?

What has happened to us? It seems  light years from the time when Golda Meir said,"There can be no deal with terrorists what ever the circumstances". Bibi wrote an entire book on just that. What  has happened?! This is the million dollar question. It is  as if we are performing a national auto lobotomy and calling it a hair cut.

Has Israel indeed lost it's moral certitude? Have  we indeed bought in to the enemy"s (peace partner) narrative?

Let us  realize that there really is no security for Israel unless it is  secure in it's own destiny. Israel has never been so militarily powerful or economically sound, but yet never so confused and lacking direction as today. In 1948 we were a small body with a big spirit. That was  a winning combination . Today we are a big body with a  spirit gasping for air.

The celebrations of the monsters and their families opposite the tears and pain of the Jewish victims famiies in our Jewish country is  not what Israel was meant to loook like . No, we have  a very serious problem