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Tabitha Korol,

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לבן ריק
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Tabitha Korol
Tabitha Korol began her political writing with letters to the editor after her retirement, and earned an award from CAMERA (Committee on Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America) "in recognition of outstanding letter-writing in 2009 to promote fair and factual reporting about Israel." She was cited as one of America"s modern-day, articulate, patriotic women in Frederick William Dame"s Three American Fur Hat Fighters for Freedom. Her essays appear on Arutz Sheva, Dr. Swier, Grumpy Opinions, IsraelNewsTalkRadio, Israel"s Voice, Jewish Press, JewishVoiceNY, New Media Journal, RenewAmerica, Tea Party Express, WebCommentary, Western Free Press and others. She revised David Silberman's book of Holocaust survivors" accounts for publication, and proofreads/edits for a monthly city newsletter. ...

I was disgusted to learn that school personnel of San Diego State University (SDSU) would sell themselves out to accommodate a culture that came to the United States not to assimilate, but to conquer.  Their mission statement is allegedly committed to providing a high quality education, but can that be accomplished if facts and maps are changed to appease a Muslim war tactic against Western civilization?

"The mission of San Diego State University shall be to provide well-balanced, high quality education for undergraduate and graduate students and to contribute to knowledge and the solution of problems through excellence and distinction in teaching, research, and service.  The University shall impart an appreciation and broad understanding of human experience throughout the world and the ages."

If they are dedicated to research, why was there no research done to ensure the map's accuracy, rather than remove the sovereign State of Israel from among all the colonized Islamic countries?  Israel is the only Middle East country that, in fact, was not conquered by Islamic force, and the only country where Christians, Jews, and Muslims live freely and, indeed, flourish.

Did the instructor then pass out blank maps and crayons so that these ignorant, insensitive students of jihad may also color the countries as they wish?  If changing the map was a sign of a well-balanced education, shall we assume that they wll also distribute maps showing Israel as encompassing all the warring Islamic nations?  I could hardly call this a lesson in a broad understanding of human experience, unless the students will be employed to do the research cited above.

If the Islamists force a change of maps, perhaps they will also be successful in forcing the removal (or burning) of history books from the school and state libraries.  Would they still find one that proves there was never a Palestine, a Palestinian people, a culture, or language, monetary system, or ancient artifacts, until the Arabs began and lost their war of aggression against Israel in 1967.  In fact, CAIR has begun an assault on American libraries, bringing in and encouraging the use of new Islamic books, gratis, and the new Common Core Standard has been employing books that alter history or omit sections altogether.   At this point, the books won't match the maps.  Because they were militarily inferior, the Arabs devised a psychological plan to call themselves Palestinians in order to establish a heretofore non-existent tie to the land, and a propagandist story that Israel stole the land from them.  Is SDSU intentionally complicit or oblivious of the history?

If SDSU has not yet been forced to give up the Bibles for the Qur'an, we should inform school staff that Palestine is never mentioned in the Bible.  Philistia was a derogatory term used by the Romans against the Jews, who inhabited  the Middle East for more than 3,000 years (the Covenant is noted in Deuteronomy 29:1-30:20).  The Palestine Brigade that helped England during World War II was Jews; the Arabs fought on the side of Hitler.  Is the school now willing to take a stand to covet the Hitlerian-Islamist understanding of the world experience?

Islamists are killing Christians and Jews (as well as their own kind indiscriminantly), usurping their land in the same way that they conquered the rest of the Middle East from Zoroastrians, Pharoahans, Buddhists, Hindus, Bahi'as, yet the school is aiding and abetting the Muslims who are here to change our country and our values, replace our religions with theirs, our values with theirs.  We are guided by the Biblical Commandments; they are guided by Sharia, the most violent set of rules on the planet.  If Americans do not stand on the side of truth and honor and save our republic, if we don't protect, even in the slightest way, the people who worship on Saturday, be assured that they will eagerly destroy the people who worship on Sunday (which they've begun in Africa and Asia).  The document of the Muslim Brotherhood stipulates this as their goal.

It is time for American instructors to avail themselves of the Qur'an to learn that 80% of their "religious material" is a totalitarian ideology that  commands the killing of infidels, all non-Muslims.  Their goal is to change each host country and establish a Caliphate.  I ask President Eliot HIrshman ( ) and all who work at institutions of learning to recognize jihad, and protect the endangered students, themselves, their families and progeny, and our United States.  Restore the map as it should be and uphold the truth, or be forever subservient to those who've come in conquest.

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