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Who'd Give Guns to Teens for playing Russian Roulette?

By Mark B. Kaplan
8/14/2013, 7:08 AM

My neighbor’s teenage daughter “Ruth” came home despondent.

Ruth has no friends and met someone with whom she seems to connect, but she is not sure whether to pursue a friendship with this girl, because there were some warning signs that she observed.

This new friend seems nice enough, but she is a known gang banger who also into heavy drug use.  Ruth told me the girls is even popular with the guys. Well, actually, what Ruth said is that her new friend is not only "very" popular with the guys, she is also sexually active...with a number of guys.

Ruth wondered if she should continue to hang out with this girl. After all, this girl keeps trying to push Ruth to participate in all the same toxic vices.

I told Ruth, “Look, this really is not so complicated to figure out. You must  smoke crack, hang out with her gang banging buddies, and sleep around, otherwise, you will be isolating yourself and you will have no friends. I think it is obvious that you will have to change to conform to what your new friend wants you to be unless you want to be alone and have no friends!”

Now, doesn’t that sound like sound advice?


What do you mean it sounds stupid and evil?

Of course it sounds stupid and evil and no  intelligent, clear thinking person would really consider this as  responsible advice. 

However, this is exactly the advice Israel is getting from U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

According to Jeffrey Goldberg  (Bloomberg View, Aug 12, 2013): 

“Kerry, capitalizing on this anxiety, has warned Netanyahu in recent weeks that if the current peace talks bear no fruit, Israel may soon be facing an international delegitimization campaign -- in his words – ‘on steroids.’”

So, what do you think we should choose to do?

If we don't capitulate to everyone's demands on us, we risk being isolated and unpopular.

If we give in to peer pressure, we will end up dead.

Should we risk being lonely and isolated, or should we risk engaging in risky behavior when our friends hand us a revolver and encourage us to play Russian roulette?

Now this Israelity!