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Make Aliyah To Save Israel (and yourselves)

By David Lev
8/1/2013, 10:08 PM

Aliyah Magazine is dedicated to building a self-supportive Aliyah Community to strengthen your Jewish Homeland in Israel. 

Yes, the title is no mistake. I also know that encouraging Aliyah to Israel with all the uncertainty of present government policy to evict Jews from their homes, sounds far fetched. But think for a moment, how much power is it possible to harness in the simple act of Aliyah?

I firmly believe that Aliyah, made properly with 'spiritual ascent' also in mind, is a sure-fire weapon against those seeking to diminish Israel's standing in the world. When a Jew is connected with the Land of Israel, the Divine plan falls into place, and releases a powerful energy into the world. Why do so many clueless people feel so strong about reversing the process of Jewish Aliyah, and 'settlement' in Israel. The answer is simple. They are trying to prevent the restoration of our people on our promised land, which will ultimately lead to the downfall of a wicked existence they so strongly subscribe to. For Jews stubbornly upholding their rights to live in exile, Jewish Aliyah also affects their equilibrium, or sense of being in the wrong place in the Diaspora.      

So the first significant point is that a Jew making Aliyah does cause a sensation in the community they're abandoning, whether Jewish or Gentile. So how can one use this information to make an impact on those in power, seeking to force upon Israel a wicked peace? Make the act of Aliyah into a protest against the unfair treatment Israel is getting from the bullying behavior of the US government. Gain media attention, organize a campaign involving others making Aliyah to give the impression of a groundswell movement.

"Is this Jew leaving America - To get kicked out of his promised land by US policy!" Make any point strong and loud enough, and someone will take notice. You're probably wondering - why bother, the Israeli government s calling the shots? Yes and no! Yes, that many in Israel seek international approval. No, that those same idiots look to people like yourself stuck in exile, for inspiration. So give it to them.

We are currently in a world turned inside-out. Instead of being a light unto nations, we are letting nations penetrate a darkness into us. Use your position in the Diaspora to bring light into our beloved country. Don't be afraid of anything except Hashem, and that's from where we get our right to live in our special land.

This peace process is just a trial, and we will ultimately succeed, as that is part of the Divine plan.  Please visit us and support our Aliyah Community.

G-d Bless!