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Morsi Deposed—Should We Be Happy?

By Mark B. Kaplan
7/4/2013, 1:07 PM

I heard in the American media this morning that Israel is happy to have Egypt's Morsi ousted. 

Are we really happy?

Am I really happy with it?

No, I am very unhappy to see the failure of democracy in Egypt; However, I am certainly not surprised. 

I am unhappy to see a mob rules culture. 

I don't believe any future leadership in Egypt will be any better for Israel. The Arab/Muslim world, no actually I should say, the whole world has becoming radicalized. Radical Islam/Sharia law has spread or is spreading, as is lawlessness throughout most of the mid east (and Israel is being encouraged to help form another Arab country in the Land of Israel?)  The radical left that has taken over Western culture.

Israel stands to benefit most from stability, which a coup in Egypt does not provide.

What will the next Egyptian regime look like?

How dedicated will they be to maintaining the Peace Treaty with Israel?

We can only wait, but I have little faith in Egypt or the people's ability to choose a  leader who will respect democracy, and I have less confidence that someone will arise to power in Egypt that will not be part of the anti-Israel machine.