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To The British MP Encouraging Aliyah

By David Lev
2/21/2013, 7:02 PM

An open letter to the Respect Party of the United Kingdom. 

From the office of Aliyah Magazine, I address this open letter to the Rt. Hon George Galloway, a true friend of the Jewish State of Israel. Today, I learnt about your gallant exit from an Oxford University debate, when you discovered to your horror that your opponent was a Jew from Israel. That was obviously an unfair trick to have been enticed into an auditorium to share a debating podium with someone you detest, even though you never met him before. 

The Respect motto includes the words Peace, Justice and Equality,,,very British and politically correct. You have also shared your enlightened opinions with the Jewish population of the United Kingdom, reaching out to them as a separate people, and G-d forbid having nothing to do with Israel. Well, I'm grateful to you for doing these wonderful acts.

You see your Rt. Hon George Galloway, that I also once belonged to that elite movement of Jews thoroughly entrenched in British culture and far removed from living in Israel. Sadly, I didn't have a voice of wisdom such as yours, to remind me that being a Jew is something vastly different then being part of the Children of Israel. Surely, Judaism must be a later invention discovered on the green English playing fields of Eton...perhaps? However, you did see fit to actually show concern that Jews in England might be misled enough into considering themselves as part of the Jewish State of Israel. When you raised the question that Jews in England are somehow different, at the same time that surely would have got them asking themselves...different from what?    

At this stage let me introduce myself. I am the founder of Aliyah Magazine, dedicated towards enlightening Jews that they should come home to live in their natural Jewish Homeland. Now they might have mistaken their true roots as being British, if you hadn't planted a seed of doubt in their mind otherwise. Accordingly, you greatly assist me in proving my point. Oh, and the more you suggest otherwise, the more you'll get the message through as to where my people truly belong. The truth being that a Jew has an inner yearning to be united with his people, and the more you try and convince them that 'you are their kind of people', well...the more they'll wake up and know differently.

Therefore, kindly continue to demonstrate your wonderful acts of peace, justice and equality..for all but Jews in Israel. In fact, shout it out louder as I want them to get your message loud and clear. Once again, you are proving yourself a wonderful loyal ally to the Jewish State of Israel and will help me to encourage more Jews to realize where they truly belong!

Dear readers, this article will be shown to that British Member of Parliament, so maybe you'd want to warmly welcome him through our comments section. That's if he'll consider himself able to actually read on the same page as yourselves?