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All Women Need to Be Arrested

By Tamar Yonah
7/2/2012, 7:07 PM

Dan, a listener, wrote me this email:  

I believe God created women to be happy. They radiate the feminine qualities of the Mind of God.

Women naturally think like God thinks in that He does not see Himself as separate from His Creation. Women do not see themselves as separate from their unborn babies.

I call this feminine way of thinking Unitive.

Men need to learn Unitive thinking to improve their relations with women. For example, a man comes home and sees his wife is miserable. Since a woman thinks Unitively, his wife will want to either share her misery with him or to share his will that she be happy. An intelligent man will take this approach: 

He will tell her when they are first dating that the rules governing male and female relationships are that it is illegal for women to be unkissed, unloved, untouched, unhappy and unappreciated. Then explain Unitive thinking. And then say that he thinks unitively, so he will every day offer her the choice to be as happy as she can be every day. And, if she is not happy, he has the right to arrest her for the crime of unhappiness. To arrest is a French word and means stop. 

The man puts his arms around the woman and holds her until she is as happy as the man who loves her wants her to be, and not as miserable as her ego thinks she should be.

All women need to be arrested because no woman has been as happy as God had intended her to be. 


* Dan's brief bio that he wrote me:

"I am an American.  A fan of the Tamar Yonah show. I am a retiree. I worked at a couple of dot coms and was a technical trainer at one of them  before retiring. I loved school. I went to half a dozen universities and studied 8 years full time as an undergraduate.  I have taken up writing as a hobby. Lately, I have written a couple of romances that are unpublished." 

Dan thinks all women need to be arrested. What do you think?