Circumcision trial about Jewish survival in Diaspora

David Lev,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
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David Lev
David Lev produced documentaries and television commercials before making Aliyah in 1999. He then organized Diplomatic Supplements for the Jerusalem Post. Later he led a PR mission to the British Government, aimed at increasing awareness of Israel's terrorist problems. David decided upon more practical measures by serving with a volunteer unit tasked with preventing such attacks. He has won a leading writing award for a competition hosted by A7. David is founder & editor of Aliyah Magazine, dedicated to attracting Jews to live in Israel. He is currently producing Trail of the Ark, a documentary drama based on the real search for the Ark of the Covenant. David Lev Writer

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Who's benefit is this latest court ruling  to criminalize circumcision aimed for? The very cries of empathy for the physical welfare of a young baby boy, would generally appear to be a reasonable cause in the name of humanity. German intellectuals after all should know better than most what's in the best interests of mankind? The name of science has gained the higher ground over that of religion. Maintaining a tradition that is at the very root of Judaism has less meaning than becoming part of an enlightened race.  

There is a large photo print in Yad Vashem that captures the faces of fellow conspirators in the midst of plotting the final solution for the Jewish people. The faces reflected the cream of German society, nearly each signature to that wretched document came from someone with high academic qualifications. In any other society they could have been mistaken for benign human beings, were it not for the benefit of hindsight that allowed us to grasp the full impact of their dreadful deed.

Today, a new curse has fallen upon the Jewish people. Part of its venom arises out of the ashes of the fallen Third Reich. The physical discontinuation of the Jewish race has been replaced by the threat upon its spiritual survival. The voices of reason still echo from the enlightened corridors of European's cultured palaces; albeit universities, government buildings, amongst other vessels of power. However, what message really comes across to Jews living in the Diaspora?

One thing's for sure, we're going to hear a lot of indignant Jewish voices being raised against this latest assault on Judaism. They'll raise it in the name of preserving Judaism and in the name of maintaining civilized behavour by their Gentile hosts. However, in my opinion, this is not the right path to pursue.

The only outcome that they can hope for is further acceptance to live as Jews amongst the nations. Yet, this is the very path that can only create greater obstacles in its track. Where is this path leading?

The ultimate battle ground for Jewish survival is right here in Israel. And the only sure path for victory is through being united as one people. Sadly, the voice of the Jew in the wilderness is not yet spent in futility. Israel is a wonderful country and although I refer to battles, I do so knowing that Israel is the safest place for our people. It has to be, it is the Jewish Homeland.

Accordingly, I suggest that the messages coming out of such courtrooms actually has a potentially benign side. Jews do not belong in a country that having failed to physically wipe them off the face of the earth, now attempts to also uproot them from their heavenly source.

Israel exists, and as long as Jews make the dreadful mistake of replacing Jerusalem for Berlin, New York, London or anywhere else, they will continue to face even greater proof as to where they truly belong.

If even one Jew can grasp the reality of the changing shape of a Diapsora, which is uprooting their feeling of complacency, than these words are worth while. Should that same Jew take one step further towards coming home to Israel, than that will make some sense out of the nonsense facing Jews in the Diaspora. Then, that lowly court ruling will inform that Jew that the very survival of our people is at stake, and there is only one Jewish Homeland in which to raise a wonderful Jewish child, complete with their Divine spirit!  

I wish shalom to those Germans who sincerely care about our Jewish people, and not to take this article personally.