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By Tamar Yonah
5/8/2012, 8:05 AM

Israelis went to bed last night on the dissolving of the government and early elections. We woke up this morning to a new and shocking reality: NO EARLY ELECTIONS & a NEW GOVERNMENT COALITION with Kadima and Likud, with the opposition head, Shaul Mofaz, now #2 in government after Netanyahu. [Anyone remember Shaul Mofaz yelling 'Shakran, shakran, shakran (liar, liar, liar) about Bibi just a few months ago? And Mofaz saying that "I intend to replace Netanyahu", Mofaz said …. I will not join his government. ]


Bibi now has 94 seats out of 120 in his coalition, and a pretty stable government. Israelis woke up to a new reality, and are still in shock. I haven't seen so many talking heads on the news for maybe 20 years or so.

Yair Lapid is spilling his guts out.  Critics are using words like 'ugly', 'it stinks', 'they are using the ideology of 'keeping their seats'' etc...  

Leiberman and Shas have been taken down a notch.  They won't be able to threaten Bibi with toppling the government if they don't get their demands met.  

The talking heads are pulling their hair out and reminding the public of the zig-zagging of Mofaz from Kadima.

others are saying Bibi pulled the rug out from under early elections in September in order to have a broad based government to [possibly] make an attack on Iran's nuclear reactors.

The rest of the people are taking Dramamine.

But perhaps Nachman Shai of the Kadima party said it best and succinctly this morning on the A.M. TV News in Israel....

He said something akin to, 'What's the shock?  Bibi did exactly what he said he was going to do. Bibi said after [winning] the elections, he would build the broadest based government that he could, and he just did it now, without having to go to early elections, and without spending all the tax payer's money'.  

Brilliant on Bibi's part.

The next elections for Israel are now scheduled for November of 2013.

Never a dull moment in Israel.   And yet, YAWN.