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The 'French' Fogel Family?

By Tamar Yonah
3/19/2012, 5:03 PM

Has the 'religion of peace' today perpetrated the French version of the Fogel Family?

If you want details, and a background, go to the news sites.  This is a blog.  I am not going to pound out on the keyboard all the news that came out of France today.  Here's a link for the background.  

I just want to say this....

IF this was done by a crazy, evil, Muslim, then answer me this question....

Where is the so-called Muslim 'honor'?  We hear all the time about honor killings, because some female in the family was perceived to have dis-honored their family.  We hear all the time not to insult an Arab or a Muslim, because it is the worst thing you can do because his 'honor' is everything.  So knowing this, how is it that they choose such weak and undeserving 'targets' as innocent babies, children, fathers and mothers?  How is it that we have supposedly big brave and honor-seeking terrorist Muslims who choose as their targets,  8 year old little girls, 6 and 3 1/2 year old little toddlers? 

Above:  Fogel Massacre


Victims: Yonatan Sandler and his two children 6 and 3 1/2 

How is it that these big, brave fighters for Allah go and slit the throats of infants in their beds?  What chance did an infant have to defend itself?

Today, what happened in France, was eerily similar to what happened to the Fogel Family HY"D just over a year ago.  Little victims that had no way to defend themselves, little victims that could not put up a fight.

Big brave fighters of ALLAH?  You are a disgrace not only to the human race, but to your culture of bloody, holy honor.  May you be dispatched to hell, quickly.