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Haveil Havalim # 349 - Round up of Jewish/Israeli Blogs

By Paula Stern
3/4/2012, 8:03 PM

Each week, someone does an amazing round up of some great blogs related to Israel, Judaism, related events and more. It's called Haveil Havalim and it switches hosts each week. This week, I volunteered to do it. Yeah, I know - I'm insane. But to make sure I didn't miss the deadline, I've been stealing a few minutes each day to do something I love doing (and never make the time to do). I've been reading blogs!

What a wonderful world of knowledge, of sharing! I knew I would love this - and I was right. It's a fun opportunity to read some blogs I've never visited, get back to ones I've missed reading but always know I'll enjoy, and more. So please join me on a brief trip around the Jewish/Israeli world of blogging.

You can read it here: