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We Won't Get Fooled Again!

By Mark B. Kaplan
2/24/2012, 12:02 AM

It’s no surprise the Obama Administration is critical of Israel’s decision to approve 500 new units in historical Biblical Shiloh.

President Obama makes no qualms about his denying the Jewish People’s legal rights to a large area of the Jewish National Home. However, at this point, Obama does not want to be too vocal about his Middle East goals. After all, it is an election year.

Once again, Obama is heading for AIPAC in hopes of wooing the Jewish American voters. Perhaps Obama will say, “The security of Israel is sacrosanct. With me as president, you can be certain the United States will stand by Israel to fight the threat posed by a nuclear Iran.”

Will anyone believe Obama. Let’s remember his quick backtrack on, “Jerusalem must remain the capital of Israel, and it must be undivided…”

If Obama wins the election in November, I guarantee you we will be able to say, “Meet the new boss; He’s the same as the old boss…”